Hey Super Trainers,

Hope you, your business and your family is doing awesome.

I don’t know about you BUT I absolutely HATE shopping, especially during the Holidays.

Yesterday, I stopped in at Walgreens to get my teething 3 month old Hailee some orajel.

I then remembered shoot, I forgot to get everyone gifts.

nikeThen, I took the easy way out and just bought 50, $50 Nike gift cards.


Except the lady at the cash register kinda freaked out and called the manager.

She said “I have never seen anyone buy so many gift cards, I just want to make sure it’s OK with my manager”

And that’s how I am basically about everything in life.

No need to beat around the bush. Get to the point.

Who has time to shop all day at the mall.

Women say it’s the thought that counts…

I say, I thought enough to reach in my wallet. (OK DON’T SHOW THIS EMAIL TO MY WIFE ;)

As many of you already know, myself and my awesome team have been on a HUGE growth spurt.

Our 7th location in Fontana, California will open in a couple of weeks. (January 6th)

Make sure to friend me on Facebook so you can see the progress.

The days of let me put down a little blue carpet, have a few dumbbells, use some generic testimonials and start my business is over.

People want more and expect more from a PROFESSIONAL trainer/facility.

Let’s face it….

There is a bootcamp or a fitness center in every corner.

(I have seen some centers with as much as 7-8 training facilities right next to each other)

In Chino, where one of my facilities is located, there must be 40 some boot camps and training centers in a 5 mile radius.

They are all scrapping for clients, while we have close to 600 clients.

(425 bootcampers and 170 semi-private)

People these days expect a lil more than just a workout.

They want culture, atmosphere, and most importantly DIFFERENTIATION.

As soon as they come in they must FEEL that your facility is like no other.

It can’t be the same generic color scheme of some “franchise” model.

How many time do I have to say this…


It surprises the heck out of me when I talk to so many different fitness pros and when I ask “how are you different?” they say “My clients love me and I get my clients results”.



I then ask them, how many people have you helped get in great shape.

They say hundreds and some even say thousands.

I then ask them “how many before and after pictures or case studies do you have”?

They say five.



I mean you got to be kidding me right?

What even drives me more crazy is that they use some “generic, franchise before and after pics”

Let me tell you this…

It’s a pretty sad day when you say you’re the best but you can’t back it up by producing your own before and after pics.

Frankly, if that was me, I would find the tallest building in town and just jump and end my life.


But, that’s how serious case studies and before and after photos are to your business.

It should be part of your agreement with your customer.

In our agreement it says “We take pictures and videos to use on our websites and various other social media outlets to inspire others to live a healthier lifestyle. By initialing I give The Transformation Center by Fitness Concepts permission to use any and all my pictures and videos”


I see fitness pros that use a complicated 20 page PAR-Q forms and a complicated functional screening test BUT yet fail to take a simple before picture and video of the client.

I don’t know about you but no one has ever come to our facility and asked “I want to increase the rotation of my cervical spine by 15 degrees”.

98% People come to us mostly because they want to lose fat, gain muscle tone and want to feel better.

Give them what they asked for.

This business is very simple. Don’t make it more complicated than it is.

Have fun, change lives, make them laugh and take their money (ethically)


PS – Thinking of having a 2 day mastermind at my office sometimes in March.
Will keep you posted. (I only have 8 chairs in my office)