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Recently I had a client tell me….

“Sam, I’m being blackmailed

I am like WHAT?
“Yes, this lady said if I don’t do XYZ she’ll write a bad review on YELP.”
If that’s ever happened to you, I am sorry.

I know it has to me.

Here is some advice.

As someone who for years tried to please everyone, I strongly advise you to…..

Make a stand. And clearly explain them your policies and procedures.

Do not try to be everything to everybody and sure as hell DO NOT support this kind of “terrorism” and “threats”.

Because that’s exactly what they are.

If you do any kind of volume over the years, you’re bound to piss someone off and someone bound to give you an “ultimatum or else” letter/email.

Fudge them ;) (My wife is trying to clean my mouth up and it’s working)

You went to business for yourself for a reason.

You’re your own boss. You make up your rules and policies.

For example I don’t want to deal with tire kickers.

That’s why I don’t offer refunds on:

The Weekend With Sam And Friends 2013 Videos and Slides

I know it delivers 10X.

no-money-backI don’t have to put “money back guarantee” and a big old sales copy to sale it.

Those days are over. Your product/service is IT.

And no one should EVER tell you how to run your business as long as you’re running a legitimate business with policies and procedures that are clearly outlined and explained.

If people have something to say about Mother Theresa, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, John F Kennedy and Dalai Lama…

They sure as hell going to have something to say about you.

So keep on trucking and make sure you have clear policies and explain your policies clearly to your clients.

Your boy Sam

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