Last few days in Austin I was blessed to hangout and learn from some of the brightest marketing minds in the ENTIRE world. Joe Polish is by far one of the most connected people in the world. The man knows ANYONE and EVERYONE. He was an absolute pleasure to be around and he was always willing to help (By the way he is funny as S*** ask him to tell you the mayonnaise joke). He truly is a class act and someone that I absolutely LOVE learning from. Joe has an event coming up called I LOVE marketing in September in Phoenix. Beg, borrow or steal to make sure YOU get there. TRUST ME YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS EVENT. (especially when the grumpy old man Dan Kennedy is speaking)


Sign Up For I LOVE Marketing Event Here



Sign Up For I LOVEĀ  Marketing Event Here

So far quite a few fitness pros are going to this event. I am going to be there a few extra days so I am planning on having a half day mastermind with all the fitness pros attending. It will be lots of fun and I hope to see you there.