Hey Super-Trainers It’s your main dude Steve Krebs here, and I want to follow up with you after my last post about the “compound effect”.

If you haven’t read that book yet, go get it now!

It will teach you how to SAVE money, acquire wealth, and still live the life of your dreams! And it’s not one of these bullshit “imagine it and it will come to you” books. It gives you solid, actionable steps that will guide your life in a whole new direction.

99.9% of successful trainers are self-made, meaning we busted our asses to get where we are. The problem with that is, no one taught us how to be smart with this new money. So we buy a shit ton of sneakers, and other dumb shit we don’t need.

I have blown more money in the past few years than most….. don’t get me wrong I have had lots of fun, but man I wish I had that money back.

So here is what I want you to do:

1) Set up a Growth Account in your business. Set aside as much money as possible each week to go into the account. The catch is, you CANNOT touch this money. I personally put $500 a week in mine. It’s amazing how that money will stack up when you don’t touch it!

2) Set up a personal savings/ money market account that you put AT LEAST 10% of each pay day away in that you also do NOT touch!

3) Set up a budget for everything you do in business and personal life. This is a new one that Sam assigned to us. Pretty excited about it because it will allow me to relax a little! (and yeah, I got me a sneaker budget hahaaa)

4) Find a bookkeeper who will hold you accountable! I go over every cent I spend now, with a fine tooth comb. Plus I have my accountant and bookkeeper questioning my spending habits. It is an accountability system for sure.

5) Don’t be normal. Normal people blow money on dumb shit every week. Normal people watch TV every night. Normal people don’t set goals. Normal people don’t save.

I know this is a short post, but I don’t have anything else to say until you get this shit done!

Krebsi Out!


Steve Krebs