[jbox shadow=”3″ color=”blue” width=”500″ icon=”https://super-trainer.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/sam_super_original60x60.png” title=””]I done told you that….

If all you provide for your clients is a “workout”

It’s going to be a long hard, long road for you.

You will ALWAYS struggle.

You MUST, I repeat MUST build a strong culture in your business.

Below is a text message I received from one of my friends/students Octavio Urias.

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“Check this out bro, a client was about to quit then she posted this on her facebook.. I didnt ask her nor even mention anything.

OK guys I’m gonna plug in my gym real quick. I have been thinking about quitting because my work is on the other side of the world and I had been having trouble making time for work, my husband and my son. But I finally fell into the groove and it seems like everything is falling into place. ANYWAYS, as I was thinking about it, I really got sad that I might have to leave it. Who gets sad about a gym? I know! But, although I haven’t become a twig bitch yet, I know that I will get there. I might not be where I want to be,but know this Raw’Fitness has changed my perception of myself. I cant do half the things that they make us do, but I try my best and try not to stop and I believe I have gotten a lot stronger. I can kick all y’all’s asses! o.O But for real, if you are looking for something different, if you are looking for motivation, if you are looking for a good ass kicking try Raw’ Fitness. 99 bucks for a 21 day trial. You bitches know y’all be spending that one night out drinking”[/jbox]

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That’s called “Fear of disconnect”

That’s when your clients miss more than just the “workout”

They miss the environment.

They miss the people.

They miss the personality.

They miss the culture.

Trust me this is has been life changing in my own business.

I saw an email a month or so ago when a guru recommended a book called “delivering happiness” that he clearly hasn’t read himself.

I hate when people contradict themselves.

Just a pet peeve of mine.

Do what you say and say what you do.

Is that too much to ask for these days?

A business that has to most raving fans will win. Period.

Your boy Sam,