Many people mistakenly think that all entrepreneurs are hustler dirt-bags. You probably have noticed some prospects’ eyes glaze over and you can read it on their face that they think you’re trying to scam them. No matter what you say, some individuals will put up a wall to anything that sounds like a sales pitch. If your products and services are truly exceptional, you can lay off the hustler routine and let your offerings sell themselves. Every once in a while, it’s good to assess yourself and make sure you’re acting like a Fitness Professional, not a Hustler.

  • Lacks long-term vision. Hustlers are used car salesmen, not car dealers. Hustlers are house-flippers, not realtors. Hustlers sell stocks, rather than offer the IPOs. He may have a few big paydays, but he needs to keep hustling non-stop to keep earning.
  • Is in the lowest tax bracket. Hustlers must constantly run the rat race to keep his wheels greased. The desperation shines through his every transaction.
  • Only cares about making the next sale. He’ll do anything to get that revolving door of customers. Unfortunately, his level of service doesn’t match the hype he’s spewing, so his turnover rate is extremely high and he is always hustling to find new prospects, rather than maintaining the ones he has. Work is a stressful environment for The Hustler.
  • Is a prick. Hustlers are those guys who tell stories around the water cooler about how they beat people up, humiliated them, or got all the chicks at the club over the weekend. You can’t help but wonder if they ever get sick of hearing themselves brag about things that don’t really matter.  Secretly, no one really likes him all that much.

  • Built the system The Hustler works in. He understands he can’t operate every day by the seat of his pants. He needs to develop a system, a checklist, a program, a way to manage information and automate daily processes. He values work/life balance. He can walk away from his system at any time and it will keep generating some residual income for his family.
  • Is in the highest tax bracket. Perhaps at one time, the Fitness Pro was The Hustler. However, he knew he needed to move up in the world by focusing on his self-improvement and perfecting his business skills. He has found financial freedom.
  • Cares about building a team. A Fitness Pro cares about building something special – whether it’s a community of boot campers or a close-knit sense of family amongst his personal trainers. He understands that this positive “vibe” is what differentiates his brand from the next guy’s. For him, work can be a fun place where friends gather.
  • Is humble. A Fitness Entrepreneur is willing to put his ego in the backseat to provide better customer service. When his clients come through the door, it’s all about them. They are the celebrities, the superstars, and the lifeblood of the company.


Being a Hustler doesn’t mean you’re a Jerk necessarily. Sometimes people are Hustlers by default because they don’t really know how else to operate. As the 80s rappers would say, you sometimes need to “check yo’self before you wreck yo’self.” Even a seasoned Fitness Professional can fall back into The Hustler mentality if he isn’t careful. A rocky quarter or a desperate desire to advance can lead an entrepreneur astray. Rather than trying to take the easy shortcut, STOP… take a deep breath… realize what you are doing… and focus on your long-term vision. Reach outside your firm to find help building a BETTER SYSTEM that will help you get through your current issues. That’s what our masterminds are all about. If you’re sick of the hustle, come find me and I’ll show you the way out of the rat race.