Hey fitness entrepreneurs,

It’s moments like this that makes it ALL worth it

I am writing this post from Delta flight 1060 nonstop from from Orlando to Los Angeles. It’s amazing how they have WiFi on the planes these days.

As you all know I have been away vacationing in Orlando Florida with my precious family. Well it’s a half vacation half business sort of thing. I am always trying to kill two birds with one stone ;)

I got to get my learn on ;)

I actually signed up for Russel Brunson’s seminar and decided to get here a week early and hang out with the family at the famous Walt Disney World.

I have traveled all over the world but I have never seen a full fledged luxury hotel IN THE AIRPORT.

Normally if I go to an event by myself I don’t care about luxury hotels. But this time I had my favorite girls with me and I always treat them to the Penthouse suit. If I was by myself a motel 6 would do. (I admit I’m a cheap bastard)


For those of you single people out there that think you work hard now wait!!!

Internet marketing genuis Russel Brunson and yours truly ;)

Wait til you get married and have your first baby. I can’t describe the feeling BUT I will tell you that as soon as you hold your new born you feel this electric shock throughout your body.

When you look into that baby’s eyes for the first time all of the sudden you realize that there is something way more important than YOU in YOUR life.

All of a sudden you realize that everything you do will either help or hurt this innocent little creature. From that day on all you care about is your family’s safety, happiness and peace of mind.

OK, sorry about going on a tangent here. I do however have something to share with you that I think it’s very important. By now you should know that one of my biggest pet peeves is incompetence.

Mini Mouse wasn’t too happy when she saw my pick up artist t shirt that said ” a note to myself don’t date thsi girl” She gave me a lecture

I believe how you do one thing is how you do everything. If you go half ass one thing you most likely are going to half ass other things.

I believe it’s VERY important to make it a habit from the beginning to give our absolute best in anything and everything we do . No matter how trivial.

You can’t be a half ass trainer working at a corporate gym and expect to be a super star when you get your own gig. Sorry it’s not going to happen.

Building good habits is much more important than the task at hand.

In life some people look down on others because of their occupation. I think that’s just B.S.

As a matter of fact society treats you differently based on your occupation don’t they?

Dr. Sam Bakhtiar carries much more weight making a reservation than does Sam Bakhtiar.

A heart surgeon is always going to get more respect that a personal trainer. Sorry it’s just the way it is. But in my humble opinion a competent personal trainer should and deserves more respect than an incompetent heart surgeon.

We are all human beings and we shouldn’t be judged by our profession, color of our skin, ethnicity, etc………

In my opinion we should be judged by our competence and pride in our work.


Now I don’t care if you are a garbage man or an astronaut. If you’re not willing to give it your best then get out of that profession. Because someone else would love what you’re doing and will treat the profession with respect.

You see the more we accept incompetent people the more “normal” it becomes. I am making a stand right now and letting the world know that I don’t

Man I got to get back in shape. Been living the good life too much. I have 6 weeks to get ready for the www.ImFitfest.com If you are a fitness pro you got to go to this event.

tolerate that S***.

Here are some examples:

1) 5am I popped in at my gym for a quick cardio session. I observed one of my trainers leaving the client on the leg press machine with 3 plates on each side to change the radio station. Well let’s just say he is no longer with us ;)

2) I flew to Vegas to speak at my friend Nitin Chhoda’s event. I took a cab to from the airport to the Aria Hotel. The cab driver was on his cell phone the whole time speaking a foreign language. He never once asked me if I minded his loud obnoxious voice.

3) A few years ago after working less than 90 days (being late 3 times) one trainer asked for a raise. She said that she was used to making $150 per session. She continued to talk about her education and how superior she was to all my other trainers. So I decided to quiz her 8-) I asked her “name the four rotator cuff muscles?”  She didn’t know the answer…. I then proceeded to ask her an easier question “How many calories needed to burn one pound of body fat?”  after thinking about it for what seemed like 10 minutes she replied 500. That’s when I had to go Donald Trump on her.

4) I was doing some sit ups at the 24 hour fitness in Chino Hills when I overheard  a trainer talking to his client “what do you feel like working today upper or lower”? The client replied “upper” and he then replied “That’s what I was thinking”.

5) I rarely watch television or go to the movie. So I am not up to date on who is in what movie and what it’s all about. A few weeks ago wifey and I decided to go and see a movie (first time in a long time). So I proceeded to ask several questions about the different movies playing and who is playing in them ONLY to get an answer “I don’t know”. Well I couldn’t resist but to express to him he was working in the wrong department. (Ok I wasn’t that nice)

Taking Wifey out for her birthday. I told you she got me by a good 4″ without the heels ;)

6) The straw that broke the camel’s back (and what inspired me to write this blog) was last Thursday June 9th. It was my wife’s birthday so we decided to go out and celebrate her birthday in Orlando. Instead of taking our rental, we decided to take a cab. (Didn’t want to drink and drive)

So when I got in the taxi line no less than 4 cab drivers asked me where I was headed. I replied “Take me to the best restaurant in the Orlando”. They all looked at each other like I was from the the planet Mars(Yes men are from Mars and women are from Anus I mean Venus). So I repeated “It’s my wife’s birthday and I want to take her to a nice restaurant what do you recommend”? They still looked at me like I asked them about the Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. WTF  At that point I couldn’t take it anymore and let’s just say that I reminded them about their job description. (Ok I wasn’t that elegant). Then all of the sudden I saw a big sign on one of the cab driver’s cars that said “Moon Fish Steak, Lobster, Sushi and Fine Dining”. I asked them is that a good restaurant and they all said yes one of the best. PLEASE TELL ME I’M GETTING PUNK’D WHERE ARE THE CAMERAS.



********************************************************** Breaking News ****************************************************************

We just got back to the LA airport and my wife left the keys to her Bimmer in Orlando.

Talking about ……..  I can’t say anything to her or I would have to move in with one of you guys ;)

Good time for sure ;)


Random Pictures


This sketch of me and Bailee was supposed to cost $12. After series of upsell I don’t know how I ended up paying $68 for it. There is a lesson in that my friends

After every ride you have to walk thru the store. Great marketing idea? Gets you every single time













View from my Penthouse Suit Memorial day weekend San Diego

Daddy and me day Laguna Beach California. We do stuff that mom won’t let us do.