Ever since launching 7-figure e-mails last year I’ve had a ton of trainers ask me the same question, “How do you write out, plan and schedule e-mail campaigns to your list of past clients and prospects?” I’d be lying if I said it was easy to do. Especially to be able to do it for an entire year like my partner and I did with 7-figure e-mails.

So I wanted to give you a simple list of what to do and what not to do when creating e-mail campaigns that actually work at getting prospects and past clients through the door.

DO – plan them around a specific event. You or a team member’s birthdays, national holidays, local events, etc.

DON’T – do “booty call” e-mail marketing where you only e-mail your list with a sale every now and then, then disappear for a few weeks to a month with no contact.

DO – use content driven e-mails in your campaigns to warm your list and get them excited about your upcoming offer.

DON’T – update your list with boring “current events” going on in your business.

DO – make your e-mails and your campaigns about them; not you or your business.

DON’T – write headlines that have nothing to do with the content of the e-mail your writing. You’re a fitness professional, not an internet marketer.

DO – Think of new ways to get people back or in the door for the first time other than discounts.

DON’T – offer discount after discount off the same stuff over and over again.

DO – create programs that you offer your list to beta test at a slightly lower rate than you would normally charge.

DON’T – offer the same e-mail campaign twice in one year. That will cause your list to expect that thing to be discounted again in the future.

DO – name your campaigns and the offer in your campaign.

Lastly make sure you DO check out the upcoming release of 7-figure e-mails 2.0. My partner and I already did the hard work for you with 17 unique, strategic and sequential e-mail campaigns and threw in an additional 52 content only e-mails to plug into your auto responder.

Not to mention two of our campaigns come with fully rebrandable nutrition plans and one campaign comes with a New Year’s resolution goal setting guide. So keep an eye out.


– Mike Salvietti