When was the last time you felt a 10 out of 10, high energy, amazing take on the world feeling.  A sense of super high productivity that allows you to blast through your “to-do” list like its nothing.    If you ever watched the movie “Limitless”, then you saw unstoppable productivity in action.  The hero in the movie comes across a powerful drug called “NZT” that gives him super human levels of intelligence and productivity… Unfortunately we don’t have an endless supply of NZT lying around, instead we have proven tactics that actually work to boost our efficiency, and I’m going to share a few of my own…

When I’m in full work mode, I adopt a “Don’t Think, Just Do” policy, basically I block my time and go to work on conquering my to-do list.  Putting myself in a high action state and just doing what needs to be done with minimal thoughts or distractions.

1.  First off I just make sure I’m feeling good.  I do that by listening to some motivational audio, music or reading the highlights from a favorite book of mine… As long as I feel a sense of clarity,  I know that my objectives will get done.  Make sure you’re clear headed first, then shift your gears into action and get started!

2. If I need to complete a major task I will start it poorly rather than procrastinating until the “perfect moment”

Let’s say I have to complete a major piece of writing..

First off I’ll just write whatever’s on my mind and get it down on a document.  You can always proofread it or edit it later.  I found in terms of writing, it’s much better to get it done in small increments and to be captured as soon as the inspiration hits you.  Wherever you are get that idea down, don’t trust your memory!

Just think about how you eat your food, you consume it bite by bite, meal by meal.

If you were shown the amount of food that you need to eat in a week all at once, it would overwhelm you and you’d get anxious.

Your tasks are the same, set down small steps or chunks and get them done to move forward rather than staring at a monstrous to do list that needs to be tackled.

3.  Make sure to capture each spark of inspiration, and implement it as fast as possible.  I use a simple notepad app on my phone to jot down my ideas and reminders. Heck this whole post came from  a random thought I had while brushing my teeth.

For example:  If you want to shoot video just set it up quickly and start recording yourself.  You don’t realize how much time you waste before setting up the filming and thinking that it has to be perfect.  I hate to tell ya, but it will never be perfect.  Deal with it!

Just put yourself in front of the camera and start recording as if you’re talking to a close friend of yours.

With enough takes it will get done!

4.  Create a sense of urgency.  We all had strict deadlines and pulled rabbits out of our asses to get vital tasks done.  The same goes for your actions.  Hire a coach, mentor or get a friend who’s driven and have them hold you accountable.  Create a logical to-do list and make sure it gets done within a tangible time frame.

Compare and contrast notes and make consequences for being lazy.  You will get so much more done if someone is watching you and holding you accountable!

5.  Decrease all waste of time activities.  Realize how much time you waste on Facebook, web browsing, texting, repetitive email checking etc.  There’s no need to explain how much time these things drain.

I actually use online software called rescuetime you can download the free version on www.rescuetime.com (This software literally tracks how productive your time is when you’re working on your computer.  It even blocks time draining websites and social media to keep you super focused.

Another cool feature it that you can set alerts to remind you of distractive and productive time.  I focus on at least 4 hours of productive time each day and I can actually measure it!  Rescuetime sends me a report each week summarizing how much time I spend online and how productive/distracting it is.  I simply work on being better each week.

6.  I also watch my habits while I’m working…  It’s so easy to get into a mindless activity and procrastinate.  Unconsciously you will check your Facebook or check emails as if something magical is going to happen.  Never allow these habits to occur haphazardly.  With self-discipline you can boost your efficiency tenfold if you stay away from habitual WOTA (WASTE OF TIME ACTIVITIES)

7.  Limit your time hanging out with negative friends or speaking on the phone.

Ask yourself is this phone call or person going to lift me up or bring me down?

We all have people in our lives that are energy and time vampires.  Some that have nothing better to-do than to call u up and suck your precious time and emotional energy.

Rather than taking in every incoming call from a random, have a system in place to organize how people contact you.  When I’m in work mode I turn I put my phone on silent and turn off all of the notifications on my texts and emails.

8. Always go back to your purpose, ask yourself “WHY”?  Why are you doing all of this???

If you feel burnt out or like you’re just going through the motions go back to your original goal..

Whether it’s freedom with your time, obtaining wealth, helping others or just being your own boss…

In times of less productivity go back to getting into that state of burning hot desire.  Take some time out to visualize yourself at your goal.  Tap into the emotions of how you would feel if you had attained it … build a perfect day of your perfect business…  if your aren’t there right now reverse engineer what needs to be done to bring that perfect day into existence.

Remember the faster you ACT on your ideas, the sooner your dreams become a reality…

Keep fighting the good fight; know that you are not alone!!!

-AJ Mihrzad

Long Island Personal Training