How to Use Your Fitness Trainer Business card to Maximize Your Profit as a Fitness Trainer

The main foundation of your personal training career is your client base. You will not be able to help anyone if you don’t have clients who listen to you and follow your instructions. About 90% of fitness trainer business cards get immediately thrown out. This should not be the case for someone starting in the field of fitness training. A fitness trainer business card is a very powerful tool for fitness training marketing. However, this is only true if the fitness trainer business cards are created properly for the clients and prospects. Here are some tips that will ensure that your fitness trainer business card will not end up thrown in a pile.

To be able to use your fitness trainer business cards to generate more sales for your business, you need to keep the following tips in mind.

Before you give your clients your fitness trainer business cards, make sure to ask for their name first. If you will not do this, you will not be able to build rapport with them. This will result in your client not calling you back. You are then wasting your cards for them.

When your prospects already give you their information, it would be a good idea to give them your fitness trainer business card so that they will remember you. They may then expect from their call and a visit to your website or location. But it would always be best if you will them that you will call them.

Print your website on your fitness trainer business cards. You may directly send them to your testimonials page. You can also put the pictures of your satisfied clients with their testimonials on the page. Just make sure to ask permission from them first. There are many people who have fitness goals but are also skeptical about the quality of the many personal trainers out there. Having a testimonial page on your website or at the back of your fitness trainer business cards will give you an instant credibility.

Mention your specific niche if you have one. Specific niche means the population that you target for your service. Do you target the business owners, the actors, or the elderly? Having this niche and directly talking to your prospects in your marketing will automatically eliminate the competition. This will also make the expansion of your client base quicker.

The use of a business card is a very good marketing tool. However, fitness trainer business cards are not enough to get more clients for your business. There are still many other marketing methods that you can try as a fitness trainer aside from the use of a fitness trainer business card. Business cards are proven to be a good marketing tool provided that they are used in the right way. There are many fitness trainers who are uncomfortable with promoting themselves so they just use their fitness trainer business cards to avoid confronting their fears. They should remember that there is nothing better than a personal confrontation when it comes to marketing yourself as a good fitness trainer.