[spoiler]Hey. What’s up, everyone? This is Christian from Super-Trainer.com and today I want to talk to you guys about that new social media platform called Pinterest.

I just want to give a shout out to Rocco because Rocco actually introduced Pinterest to me about five months ago and Josh Carter actually taught me how to use Pinterest. So I’ve been getting a lot of emails, a lot of private Facebook messages from a lot of trainers out there that are watching this video asking me what I know about Pinterest. Is this something that’s worth doing, spending time in?

Right now, I can honestly tell you since the last 30 days of me playing around on Pinterest and interacting with – I guess you can call it followers on Pinterest that I’ve been getting a lot more web traffic back to my websites and anytime you can promote your business for free on social media whether it’s Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, it’s always a good idea.

So today, I will just show you two of my marketing tactics that I use on Pinterest to drive traffic back to my websites and I’m just going to teach you guys how to make boards first.

So right now these are my boards and right now, I’m going to create a board. So all you got to do is make a Pinterest account. Go to Boards. Oops, I actually have a board already. So I’m going to add one. So you go to “Add”. Create board. Now the name of the board I’m going to call are workout videos.

So the board category will obviously be fitness because we’re all fitness professionals and press “Create”. So now, I have a board that’s called Workout Videos. Now what you do is, because you want to drive traffic back to your websites, you can leave a link to your website or a landing page or squeeze page or anything you want.

Today I’m actually going to leave a link to one of my squeeze pages but here’s a quick description so you could just give it a quick description of what your board is. Check out more killer workout videos. Click here. So this is the link I’m going to leave. It’s one of my squeeze pages for capturing leads. It’s EastBayWeightLoss.com and I’m going to save the settings.

So now since I created the board, now I’m going to add pictures and videos and the cool thing about when you do this is that when you create pictures or videos, they end up getting re-pinned. It’s the same thing as a retweet or a like or a share on Twitter and Facebook. So the more re-pins you get, the more views that your pictures or videos will get, the more you will be able to drive web traffic back to your website.

So this is my YouTube channel for our business. It’s called Aguirre Fitness Channel. If you guys want to check it out, you guys can. So I’m just going to click on to this video because I just uploaded this one. This is called the outdoor workout.

So what you do is just take the URL of that YouTube video. Copy it. Now you go to your Pinterest account and you want to go to “Add”. You want to add a pin and right here, you just paste the URL and what’s going to happen is an image is going to pop up right here on your left. So here’s a quick little image of the workout.

So now I want to find the board I want to put it on. I want to put it on Workout Videos. Give a quick description. Here’s a quick weight loss workout you can do outdoors. Click here.

So again I’m leaving another link for my squeeze page. It’s really whatever your goals are. If you want to get more opt-ins sent to a squeeze page, if you’re just trying to build links or you just want to drive traffic back to your blog, any page on your website, you can just add a link right here.

Now I’m going to pin it and this is what it will look like. So right now, this is what my board looks like. So now when people go to this board or go to my account, they’re going to see this video and they can watch this video and they could either re-pin it if they want so their friends can see it; and this is where the link is so you could actually see when you click on to this link, it will bring them to one of my squeeze pages.

Oops, leave this page. OK. So anyway, you also want to leave a description. So now the link is there but if you’re trying to drive traffic back to your squeeze page or a landing page or website, you want to go to the edit and leave that link where you want people to go to. Now it’s saved.

And that is that and this is how you would promote it. So what I’ve been doing, I’ve been taking the URL of my Pinterest account of whatever image or video I want to share and I placed it right here on my fan page.

So this is my fan page. You just go to the link. Copy and paste your Pinterest URL. Click the attachment and then it’s going to automatically populate the image from your workout video from your Pinterest account. Watch this video now.

So now I just posted to my Facebook. So what happens is my fans or my friends from my Facebook account will be – the only way they will be able to watch this is by going to my Pinterest account.

So they will be hopping back and forth from different social media platforms. But the good thing about it is, is that you keep them on your business page. It’s the easy way to get more followers to Pinterest.

Let me show you another example on how to add pictures. So again, you want to add and I press the “Add a Pin” and you want to go look for images. So what I’m going to do – let me just fix this. Upload a pin. So I’m just going to upload an image from my computer.

So what I’ve been doing, I’ve been getting my before and after pictures. So I’m just going to pick a random picture. So let’s pick – let’s just pick somebody. I’m just going to take my wife. So this is my wife’s picture and I’m going to choose a different page. I’m just going to take Aguirre Fitness because that’s her business name.

So get in the best shape of your life with Aguirre Fitness. So this is just a generic description and I also want to leave a link to my website because I want to drive traffic back to my website. So Aguirre Fitness is the URL. Again you pin it and you guys will actually be surprised on how many re-pins and shares that your images will actually get through your Pinterest account to Facebook and now you want to go to “Edit” and you want to leave that URL back to your website in the Link category and save.

And now there it is, you guys. That is exactly how you do Pinterest, how you promote Pinterest and promote your business videos and all your motivational pictures or your before and after pictures back to the different social media sites. You don’t necessarily have to just share it on Facebook. You guys could also share it on Twitter but I hope that was self-explanatory. It’s a pretty easy social media site to work and again, if it’s something you’re not doing, it’s something you should start implementing little by little. I’m sure if you create a video just like this and you share it with – outsource it to somebody else like in the Philippines or anything, I’m sure you could outsource this task but it’s pretty easy. It only takes like five minutes a day to pin a picture or pin a video. It’s really not that hard and again, it’s just another way for you to market your business but since I’ve been doing this the last 30 days, Pinterest has been my second source behind SEO of where most of my web traffic is coming from.

So right now, most of my web traffic is coming from Google, Pinterest, Facebook and YouTube. So Pinterest, it kind of reminds me of the way Facebook started. Just a few people are using it and not too many marketers are using this right now. So it’s an easy way for you to start promoting yourself before Pinterest starts to get overloaded with spammers the way Twitter and Facebook is right now. But anyway, if you guys have any questions, please leave me a comment at the bottom of this video. This is Christian from Super-Trainer.com. I will talk to you guys soon.[/spoiler]