How To Run Successful Body Transformation Contests on Fitness Marketing

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Hey, guys. It’s Leanne Ellington here from Orlando and I just wanted to share with you a little bit about what I’m doing with my marketing. I just kind of stumbled upon this a few months ago and when I do my marketing, a lot of my newer members come from the referrals from my existing members. So I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t saturating my email list and saturating my current clients with all these new marketing tactics and I didn’t want them to think I was just into the selling and the marketing. I wanted to let them know that I was definitely into getting them results first and foremost as well as obtaining new clients.

So what I’ve been doing with my marketing calendar lately is every other month, I will do something internal for my current members to get them better results, to show them that I care and every other month, I will do some sort of external marketing tactic whether it be a short-term promotion or a 30-day promotion, something like that.

So what I’ve done lately that has been working out really well for my internal marketing tech things is I kind of got jaded a little bit because I would go ahead and put together these awesome transformations for my current clients just to get them better results. I wanted to make sure that they weren’t getting complacent. I wanted to make sure that I was keeping them pumped up and just constantly getting them towards their goals.

So I in the past put together transformations for them, just internal things. Maybe I give away an iPad or maybe I give away something and I figure my basis for giving away something was – well, with the results that I’m going to produce for them, they’re definitely going to result in referrals so I would get payback for that iPad and more.

Well, what would happen is I would have 40 or 50 of my members sign up for one of these challenges and then maybe like six or seven of them would finish because the value of free, it’s a doubled-edged sword. I was finding that they weren’t finishing the task at hand. They were just kind of taking advantage of my generosity. So a few months ago, I put together something called 30 Days of Awesomeness and I gave away an iPad and all that good stuff but I charged them for it. I charged them $100 on top of their normal price. Some of them were paying upwards to $200 a month.

So that was really successful but what I did this current time that I have about 60 people doing the transformation is I put together this awesome transformation and this is going during the month of December and I call it the 20-day Holiday Body and I actually ran this program last year for new members; and I was going around it this year but I had just gotten 30 new members from a promotion I did in November and I didn’t want to saturate my list. So I figured this would be a really good way to give my current clients results.

So what I did is I told them in the past I’ve been burned by letting people do challenges and then not finishing it. So what I did is I said I put this together for you. It has got awesome prizes and I got things donated but if you don’t complete it, meaning if you don’t do your final assessment at the end of December and you don’t finish all of the tasks at hand, you agree to let me charge you an extra $100 on top of your monthly membership and I get to donate it to my charity of choice.

So that way, it’s their consequence but not my reward. I don’t benefit from them kind of messing up. So it has been really good. People have been doing everything. It has only been about a week but everyone is really pumped up and I have no doubts that the majority of the people are going to finish. So that’s what I do so that way I’m producing a lot of results and a lot of mojo for referrals come January. I haven’t 100 percent figured out what I’m going to offer in January but I’m going to put together some sort of promotion and really incentivize my current members who will already be really hyped up because they’ve gotten really good results this past month to tell all their friends about it.

So then come February I will do something else internally and it really gives me the ability to kind of keep all of my new members together, have all of my current members indoctrinated kind of into the Not Your Average Boot Camp way and show them that I really do overdeliver and give me the ability to focus on all of them as well and that includes the new members that I have gotten from the past month or two.

So it all kind of builds together so every other month I’m doing something internal with those referrals and every other month, I’m providing some sort of short-term promotion through my email list that gives people the ability to refer people to me for this short-term offer that I can hopefully then convert them to a longer term client.

So that’s what’s working for me. If you haven’t put anything together lately for your clients just to show them that you’re really committed to giving them results and over-delivering, I would definitely recommend that you do that.

So, I hope that’s a good takeaway for you and I plan on going with that the long run. I’ve been doing it pretty much since August and it hasn’t let me down. So internal, external kind of back and forth every other month is the way I’ve been doing it and try it out and see if it works for you too.

Leanne “Fitbiz Femme Fatale” Ellington