“How to get more clients”…….. The marketing material in our industry never changes. They just give it a different name. Old shit in a shiny new package.

One thing many “online guru’s” don’t talk about (because the majority of them don’t actually run a fitness business) is

At my facility we refer to all members as Next Level Family. We have a retention system that includes client appreciation, Facebook strategy, number of “touches” for each member, events, etc.. and we focus on the #1 retention strategy on the planet….. RESULTS!

This system is pretty bad ass if I don’t say so myself!

I have been running a fitness facility for over 10 years. I have made more mistakes then most. The beautiful thing about mistakes is that you should LEARN from them. Despite all these mistakes, one thing that I have always been able to do is get my clients measureable results on a consistent basis.

Once you can consistently help your members get the results of their dreams you can add all of these extras to make their experience absolutely amazing. If they have an amazing experience, they will stick around. They will also tell EVERYONE in their circle.

Just like there isn’t a “magic little pill” for fitness results, the same goes for your business.

Here is are some questions that have helped me “dial in” my retention systems.

Client Retention Audit:
1) Do you spend more time attempting to bring in new leads or over delivering to existing clients?
2) How often are you in contact with existing clients?
3) Do you have time set aside for current clients? Do you show them enough attention?
4) Do you show your appreciation to your clients? (see my appreciation post for ideas)
5) Do you have a retention system? And do you follow it?
6) Do you focus on the #1 Retention strategy ever……. RESULTS?

I’m sick and tired of “theories”. Enough is enough with “Guru’s” who are full of shit!

It’s time to learn from each other. It’s time to learn from people who are actually doing it, and having success from it.

The question is… how do I get consistent results?

That’s easy


1) I study training every day

What do I study?
a) Any Mike Robertson product.
b) Any Eric Cressey product.
c) Any Alwynn Cosgrove product.
c) Books by Coach Dos, Dan John, Dave Randolph, Pavel, etc.
d) DVD’s from Smitty and Joe Defranco
e) Luka and I also talk every day, we discuss training and business.

2) I study nutrition every day

What do I study/ use?
a) Warp Speed Fat Loss- Alywnn Cosgrove and Mike Rousell
b) Green Faces
c) Precision Nutrition- Amazing resource if you don’t have a nutrition background
d) there are so many nutrition books/dvd’s/information out there! Pick 1 a week

3) I study behavior change/ mindset every day

What do I study?
a) anything by Tony Robbins
b) Psycho-Cybernetics
c) anything that has to do with spirituality

4) I KNOW my members, after all they are my family now

These are just the basics. But these are part of the “system” that I have in place that allows my business to keep people for a loooooooong time!

If you have any questions about my systems just ask!

Steve Krebs
The Pack