Back in 2009 big Chris McCombs and I got to talking
about our favorite sales and persuasion books.

One of the books he recommended was “The Game”

It’s by Neil Strauss. And it’s about the underground pick
up artist society. Very fascinating book.

Side note: I had a helluva time convincing wifey that this
was a “business book”.

I blamed it on big Chris ;)

This book was jammed packed with lots of real-life sales
and marketing applications I’ve used over and over in my
sales letters, emails, articles, and blog posts.

Anyway, that book led to other similar books and products.

And those resources led to others… then others… then others….

And you get the picture.

(it’s quite a “rabbit hole, actually.)

Anyway, one of those resources was a fascinating blog post
by a PUA (pick up artist) who calls himself “Roosh V”.

The dude can write a mean blog post, to say the least.

A couple years ago he wrote a “fast start” checklist for newbies.

And guess what?

This EXACT routine applies to MASTERING email marketing too.

Below is that checklist (just the bullets, there is more to it that this)
with my commentary.

Start A Workout Routine

Roosh was talking about working out physically. But for email
the workout is writing every day. No way around it.

Get Your Hands On A Great Resource

Choose a great resource to learn from and then eventually develop
your own style of writing. But make sure in the beginning master
the fundamentals.

Delay Gratification

Delaying gratification keeps your mind focused and your
concentration razor sharp in ways you won’t believe.

This can include long stretches of time going without sex,
junk food, TV, farting around on social media or whatever it
is that you spend all your time doing that gets in the way of
writing emails to your list.

Side note: Going without sex part is easy when you’re married ;)

Read One Book A Week

In my case I alternate between reading and listening to
a book on Audible. All that information will start feeding
your subconscious which then hands you ideas for your
projects and emails you’d never have gotten otherwise.

Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did ;)