Have you ever asked yourself the question, “What makes me different from all the rest?”

I asked myself that question 4 years ago.

I own a gym in Huntington Beach, California.

Where there is a gym on “literally” every corner.

I actually have 3 Crossfit gyms within a ½ mile of my facility.

So the competition is fierce!

If I wanted to survive, I had to answer that question.

And when I first asked myself that question, I did not like the response that I received in return.

Yes, my customer service was amazing.

Yes, I offered a bunch of services like Personal Training, Boot Camps, Group Training Sessions.

I even got into the MMA game and offered all those classes.

BUT I still didn’t have anything that made me any different from my competition.

They were offering all the same things that I was.

I had to come up with something!

Now I hate talking bad about people or organizations, but I have to say, I got a lot of clients from the Crossfit gym across the street from me.

It was usually after they were injured or once they were done throwing up, they would walk over to my gym to see what I offered.

This made me think…how can I create the same cult following that Crossfit has, but eliminate the injuries and slowly progress clients.

That’s how I came up with the FitRanX™ system.

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It’s a level progression system that allows clients to work through the ranks.

The beginner client can start from Level 1 and slowly progress without the risk of injury.

The more advanced client can test in at a higher level or work through the ranks faster then the beginner.

In the FitRanX™ system all clients wear the corresponding colored RanX band, so you can see who’s more advanced or who are the beginners.

This is very helpful in running large Boot Camp style classes.

You can also split your classes or sessions into different levels.

I run sessions for Levels 0-3 and other sessions for Levels 4-6.

That way I can do beginner workouts for the lower levels and more intense workouts for the higher levels.

The FitRanX™ system already has a cult following all over the world and we are growing everyday.

If you’re looking for something to set you apart from the rest, YOU have found it.

Join the FitRanX™ Team today.

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Nicholas Rians