clientsHey Super Trainers….

Hope you, your business and your family are all doing well.

Last Friday and Saturday, I had a dozen of my mentoring students in town for a visit.

It wasn’t a typical industry “mastermind” where a bunch of trainers get together and talk about “how to set up squeeze pages” or “what to put in their auto responders”

I am a firm believer that we humans learn much more by seeing and experiencing that by sitting in a boring class room listening.

Our little mastermind was more like a field trip.

They got see, feel and experience first hand my gym’s culture, energy and clients.

fontana3We even drove down to our newest location in Fontana.

The expressions on their faces was priceless.

I could see all the ideas flowing in their head looking and experiencing everything.

Best of all, this was an unexpected surprise for being a part of my coaching program.

They all had no expectation that someday, I will be inviting them, treating them and taking them on a little field trip.

Why am I telling you this….

Believe me, I am not trying to impress you and say “I do this and I do that for my students”


I am telling you this because so many business owners NEGLECT their clients once they signed up.

They always are looking for more and more clients. (I rather “party” with my clients and have prospects chase me)


Here is what I mean by neglect…

The prospects signs up and after that NOTHING is done (above the call of duty) to strengthen and build a relationship any further.

They pay for exercise and that’s it.

If that’s all you are selling is your “proprietary workout” well good luck in this age staying in business.

Above and beyond everything, you’re selling YOU, YOUR personality and YOUR relationship to the clients.

Transactional business doesn’t breed loyalty.

Relational business DOES.

And the business with the most LOYAL customer wins. PERIOD.

Remember most clients leave not because of lack of service or results they leave because they felt that the business was indifferent to their business.

Your clients are like your wife, the smallest little things can take you very far with them.


PS – On Thursday March 6th. I am having a small 8 person mastermind in my office in Chino Ca. You get to come hang out with me and 7 other like minded fitness pros. We will take a tour of my new locations and I will help you devise a winning plan for 2014. Space is limited due to my office only having 8 chairs

PPS – On a funny note, I bought my wife a luxury expensive SUV, I proudly brought it home and showed it to her. She was like thanks it’s nice. SMH….
But whenever I buy her a little perfume or something small just because she lights up like a kid. Go figure