Hey it’s your boy 7-figure Sam,

Today I want to discuss a key element in my businesses that has allowed
me to manage 6 boot camps in Chicago, 5 boot camp in California,
my personal training studio as well as various other businesses and income streams.

Frankly, I am surprised as to why so many business owners including
fitness pros fail to do this.

Unless you’ve been hiding under rock somewhere then you should know that
it’s 7-10 times easier and cheaper to keep an existing client than it is to
get a new one.

But surprisingly almost everyone neglects this fact.

It’s just my personal opinion that it’s human nature to take for granted
what we already have. (That’s another topic for another day)

So business owners are constantly looking for the latest way to acquire
new customers all while ignoring the goldmine (existing customers) right
in front of them.
I am SHOCKED by how many business owners, fitness pros included
fail to survey their customers/clients.

It only takes a friggin minute……..

And the feedback you receive is PRICELESS to your business.

Trust me when I tell you that it will prevent future headaches and
save THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of dollars.

It’s a known fact that MOST customers rather leave and not come back
than complain.

What’s worse is that they leave unsatisfied with your services
but they never approach you and give you a chance to fix it.

Even worse is that they go and bad mouth your business to
others without giving you a chance.

How can you fix something if you don’t know it’s broken.

Most of us don’t have psychic powers like Dionne Warwick
and certainly are not mind readers.

So the only way we can get real feedback is by sending our clients
an anonymous survey.

I call anonymous surveys my “psychic friend”.

So next time you get excuses like…

My schedule is changing and I can’t come in anymore
I can’t afford it anymore
I need to cancel my agreement
I (fill in the blank)

It’s most likely a smoke screen because they don’t want
to confront you and tell you the real reason they are leaving.

Your boy Sam,

PS – And YES (see I got psychic powers ;) my soon to
be released game changing Super Trainer Formula
also has a build in survey feature to help you understand therefore
retain your clients longer.

PPS – Stay tuned as tomorrow I will show you a video about
my 5 key components to a winning survey retention campaign.