Hey, the Boot Camp Girls here…


We hope you’re killing it your boot camps right now!


Back-to-school time is the perfect opportunity to run challenges or body transformation contests in your camps to generate leads and re-activate past clients.


We’re both starting September off with over 25 new prospects and it’s only September 3rd!


We are confident we will retain a good majority of them through the systems we have in place, kick-ass boot camp workouts, and relationship building techniques we use. 


Once you’ve got the systems in place and running smoothly, it’s just a matter of getting new people in through the door.  


1.     Run 21-day and 6-week body transformation contest and challenges for lead generation.


2.     Re-activation special to past clients – they are over the summer gain!


3.     Run Specialty Clinics – Ex. kettlebell workshop – TRX workshop -Run Clinic – Nutrition

have something once a month or one every Saturday of the month.


4.     Have a gap in between your boot camp sessions time? Add a HardCORE Abs Class -30-minutes.


5.     FREE Holiday Boot camps! HUGE success for us. If you don’t want to do it, hire someone else to cover.


6.     Have a “social event” planned each and every month- build your tribe! EVERYONE likes to belong and NO one wants to be the one to leave!


Apply at least 2 of the above and you’ll increase your business and your bottom-line!


And always remember…with boot camps on every corner – if you don’t TAKE ACTION they will!

Go out and take action in your biz!



Alicia & Carrie

“TheBoot Camp Girls”