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Hey, what’s up everyone? This is Christian from Super-Trainer.com and today I want to share with you something that I’m doing in my business that’s helping me get better qualified leads and better qualified paying clients into my training business.

Well I know a lot of you guys are into getting a lot of clients, scheduling a lot of appointments and are just getting a ton of leads but what I try to do in my business is focus in on not getting a lot of leads but getting qualified leads and I changed this system on my website. I would get probably like around maybe three to four leads per day but now, my leads have actually went down. But the best thing about what I’m doing now is that I’m getting qualified, highly qualified leads that don’t really say no to my price and that are a lot more serious. So what I focus in on is trying to get my prospects to jump through more hoops when registering to try out our personal training studio.

So what I did over here on the Contact Us page then also on my “register” button. I’m just going to click on the “register” button. I actually made kind of like an application process for anyone that wants to come and try out my studio. Currently right now, I am not doing any free trials or free weeks or two weeks or anything like that. I almost feel these people are just kind of wasting my time, wasting my clients’ times that are in there because we mainly do semi-private training and the last thing I want to do is piss off people that are paying clients.

So we’re doing $50 consultations and these people that want to come in and try us out, I try to make them jump through a couple of hoops though. Right here, this is our application process. I ask for their name, their primary email address, their phone number and I make them go through a series of questions. Now these are just some of the questions that we were going over with a lot of these people over the phone and a lot of these phone consultations that we’re doing, we’re trying to prequalify these people. We’re taking up a lot of our time. So I know a lot of you guys out there are busy working on your business and working in your business. So this technique right here would definitely help you guys cut through all the bullshit with all these people who are just kind of price shopping and just kind of looking around for the best price.

So I’m not going to go through every single one of these questions but you can look at the questions I did and they’re pretty specific. Basically these people don’t answer these questions correctly. We sent them an email saying, “Thank you for showing your interest but you’re not a good fit for our program.” So there are a lot of things that happen when people fill up this questionnaire.

It prequalifies them. It finds out what their goals are, how serious they are because it does take some time to fill this out. So if someone has taken the time to fill this out, they’re in the right mindset of doing training. I’m all about getting leads and lead generation but I don’t want a bunch of shitty leads coming into my gym or having to prequalify them.

So this page right here, it filters out all the shitty leads. Sometimes we get into our lead generation funnels. So after these people fill this out correctly, they will get an email from us saying, “Hey, congratulations. We accept your application. We are going to call you at this time,” and based on the time that they specify for us and we call them up. Kind of run through the questionnaire really quickly and then we tell them exactly how much we charge. Then based on their goals, we say hey, based on your goals, we recommend a 6-month program or 12-month program and most of the time, I will say nine out of ten times, since I’ve implemented this questionnaire, nine out of ten people just say yes and they end up paying, either doing a paid-in-full over the phone or just want to do payments and get on our EFT billing. So this saves us a lot of time. We’re getting a lot more qualified leads, people that have money, people that are serious. So please do not plagiarize but I did want to share this with some of you.

I have shared this with some people and some people may have the concern because I know a lot of you, mainly your focus is just purely on, “I just need a lot of leads,” then that numbers game. But at least for me, I’m really not big into the numbers game and getting a lot of leads. I want quality leads that’s not going to waste my time and that are going to be really good referrers for my personal training business.

So that is about it, you guys. I just want to share this one little technique that I’m using. It’s working really great. Don’t be afraid to test it out for 30 days on your website. See how well it does and if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work; but at least for me and in my market, it works out really great.

Hope you guys enjoyed this video. Hope you guys learned a lot. This is Christian from Super-Trainer.com and I will talk to you guys soon.


Christian “Hurricane” Aguirre
Aloha Health and Fitness