Fitness pros all around the world come to visit us and they can’t believe the kind of results that our clients are getting.

They often ask…..

“Sam, what’s your secret sauce”

“What kind of nutrition plan/workout plan you put your clients on.”

First of all there is no secret.

OK, I lied. there is one. A HUGE one.

It’s called FUN FACTOR.

That’s right good old fun.

You see the most effective workout in the world is useless but if it’s not fun nobody will follow through with it.

No fun = no compliance

Also too much fun and not enough work will yield to less than desirable results.

Zumba=Fun (I guess)

“I got a nice toned body because I do Zumba” NO ONE SAID EVER

The art of getting clients in shape is and always will be the fun factor as well as the effectiveness of the workout.

Fun = Compliance

They are both equally important.

As a matter of fact I am going to go on a limb and say for a beginner the fun factor is much, much more important than the “programming”

So go out there and create a CULTURE that’s fun and conducive to COMPLIANCE.

At our facilities it often feels like one big party and everyone is happy, working out, encouraging and pushing each other.

We play fun, motivating music. Sometimes in the morning clients even get to listen to my Ghetto Fabulous Old School Rap Collection.

(Don’t make me bust out my KOOL MOE DEE)

Too often I see fitness pros spend way too much time on “programming” and not enough time on “making it fun”


PS – I want to invite you down and have you spend an entire day with me where you can see my business in action and get a step by step blue print on having a fun and massively profitable business.