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Hey, what’s up everyone? This is Christian from Super-Trainer.com and today I want to share with you guys how I create a waiting list and how I get that waiting list to pay me every single month while they wait to join my fitness program.

Now the way this worked for us at least, this is just the way me and my wife run our business. We do semi-private training and me and my wife are really big on customer service and client experience when they’re inside our training studio. Now if any of you have come from that one-on-one personal training background like we have, I believe that one-on-one training has a higher retention rate and I think the main reason is because it’s a one-on-one setting and because you get more personal when it’s just you and one other client.

Now with at least group training, we only train six to ten people. Now at least with ten people to six people, we feel that we can create that client-trainer experience and we can really get to know them. They actually feel that we’re paying attention to them and they’re not kind of lost like you would in the class.

Now, I’m not talking bad about boot camps or anything like that, people that train 20 or 30 or more people per hour but I have done this before. At least for me, we found it hard to get on that personal level with our clients because there are just so many people per hour and the next hour, you have another 30 or 40 more people coming in. Maybe I just suck at relating with that many people all at the same time but at least for us, training six to ten people works out well.

So usually what happens is when we hit that number per hour, we do not accept any more clients into our training business. When someone calls, we let them know and say, “Hey, thank you very much for showing interest into our program. But right now, we are not accepting any more clients right now at this time but we do have a waiting list.”

So this is how our waiting list works. Our waiting list, we schedule a one-hour appointment with them, usually a group of four to five people. We go over nutrition. We take their body fat, their weight, their measurements and then what we do is we give them a 30-day meal plan grocery list and access to our membership site.

So this is our membership site. This is my wife telling people to click on to the ebook right over here. This is our nutrition plan and our membership site and right over here, there’s a bunch of different things in that bar. We have a monthly workout plan, how to do basic exercises like squats, push-ups, chest press, dumbbell rows. This is a two-hour video of an actual grocery store tour and then we have videos on different healthy meals to prepare.

We have about 15 different videos here and then we also have a daily motivation, a monthly motivational video from my wife. So there’s a lot of really good content that these people get. At the end of every 30 days, they come in and all we do is go over their measurements again, review over the nutrition and then we let them know whether or not a spot is opening up.

So the cool thing is what we do is we charge $200 a month for this service. So while they’re on our waiting list, they pay for our nutrition plan and they pay for the access to this membership site and every 30 days, they come in as a group, as a scheduled appointment to go over their meals, their food and their measurements. So if something opens up, then we let them in.

So the cool thing is that if we do lose some people into our program, all we got to do is go into our lottery system on our waiting list and we ask people like, “Hey, this spot is opening up at 5:00 PM on a 12-month commitment. Who wants to take advantage of the 12-month commitment?” Most of the time these people on the waiting list are kind of fighting to take that but we usually take first come-first served from that waiting list. Then until something opens up, then we go back to our waiting list again.

So it’s a really great revenue stream. We have about 17 people on our waiting list that pay $200 a month. So if you do the math on that, bad boy, that’s $3400 of one-hour per month of work for us on our end. A lot of the meal times that we do, it’s automated. This membership site is automated. We created all the concepts. We don’t have to do any of the work. All we do is meet with these group of people, one hour per month to go over everything that usually takes us about 30 minutes and that is about it.

We just collect the money and it’s extremely a passive way of making money on the side and creating value because when people can’t get in somewhere and they’re on a waiting list for something, it really makes them even want to get in more in that program because they’re on the outside. Also too when your community hears that you have a waiting list, it just creates more value and helps you with your authority and your personal celebrity with your business and it’s just going to help you position yourself even better than your competition.

If you’re the only one that has a waiting list, you’re the only one doing paid consultations and your competition is given free weeks, two-week trials, it’s not going to make you look desperate. It’s going to make you look like you’re in demand.

So it’s a great psychological trigger to use on people and it’s a great way for you to make some extra money while doing virtually nothing but at the same time, you’re still helping people, which is the most important thing.

So I just want to share that with you, guys. I hope you guys found some value in this video. This is Christian from Super-Trainer.com and I will talk to you guys soon.


Christian “Hurricane” Aguirre
Aloha Health and Fitness