Hey. What’s up? It’s Ian Hart here with the EarthFIT personal training studio and I’m here today because I frequently get asked how I get over 105K in one month in our second full year in business with no advertising and only two fulltime trainers. So I’m going to try to explain to you how we did that and how I’m building a business and hopefully you can learn from it.

So first off, I got to explain that I had no strategy for getting over 105K in one month. My goal was actually 50K and previous to that, we’ve only done 40K in one month or roughly around 40K. It might have been a little less, maybe a little more. Well, the obvious thing that got us there which some people don’t mention is obviously good training programs. So we provide new training. We have knowledgeable trainers. People feel confident with the trainers. We provide a lot of value to the people and then word of mouth through results, and sometimes it’s not even word of mouth. People just see somebody who walk around and they look like they got in shape and someone says to them, “I train at EarthFIT.” That’s a referral right there.

Then we offer great assessment and I think great assessment is very important when someone first comes in here. It’s their first introduction to your training program. It creates a new neural pattern in their brain and then they feel comfortable and confident because you check the medical history, health history, your schedule. Do like a functional movement screen, a strength and endurance test, flexibility, mobility, all in one assessment and then you have the full picture of where they were, where they are looking to go, where they’re at now and then where they’re looking to go and then we take them there. We take them on that journey.

The tactics that I did use for that month were nothing exceptional. One was the referral contest. So I emailed the list and I said, “Chance to win an iPad if you refer above five people. The person who refers the most will win a free iPad.” So not everybody jumped in but a lot of our clients – a few of our clients, a handful of them, really promoted it and pushed to win that iPad so it brought us in an extra 10 to 15 people.

Then we offered the Paid in Full special to our whole list as well and we told them that our prices were going to be increasing. So Paid in Full special, a lot of our clients took advantage of paying for the whole year in full. We have 6 months and the 12-month training option and many of them did a year paid in full.

Now there are pros and cons to that because our EFT dropped a little bit but we made sure not to take all of our clients who are on EFT and paid in full. It was actually a good split. So we still had some EFT coming in.

Then we also offer a back pain program which has really launched us into the next dimension for referrals, retention. It has allowed us to turn the negatives into a positive because people get injured in training or they feel like they got a sore back when that’s just a natural part of life. Like 80 percent of the population is going to have a sore back.

Sometimes they’re related to training but we turn that from a negative to a positive and we take them and do this back program where they had soreness or an ache for years and years and then we do the program with them and then it’s gone within a few sessions or a few weeks and they’re amazed and they go out and tell the people about it.

So that has allowed us to get more referrals and then the results of eliminating back pain has caused a snowball of word of mouth along with the whole program. So good training programs, back pain relief programs and really what it came down to is results and word of mouth and then pushing it out to our list. So that is how our strategy, which turned out to be our strategy of no advertising and only promoting to our list, launched us over 105K.

Now if you have any questions on any of this stuff, please feel free to ask me. I can send you our assessment if you need. There are a million types of assessments out there. I have seen a ton of them. I really took all the best pieces that I thought – from different assessments that I saw and put together so I can answer any questions on that and if you have any questions or comments, go ahead and leave it below. I will try to help you as best as I can as to how we have snowballed this into something bigger than I even expected.

So again it’s Ian Hart with EarthFIT personal training. Thanks and have a great day.