[spoiler]Hey, everybody. Rocco Castellano here. Again I’m continuing on my series of how to fix a broken business model.

Now, in the other video, in the video before this one, I had talked about admitting the problem, understanding that problem and then listening to the criticism. Well, here after you’ve done that, what I really want you to do is answer the questions why. Just understand why things may have gone wrong. Understand why it may have been broken because sometimes we as fitness – professionals and blue collar thinkers fear so much we don’t want to look stupid.

Everybody has to think that we’re the most intelligent motherfuckers in the world especially when we’re teaching other fitness pros, people that are supposed to be making a half million, a million dollars, six figures, seven figures. We’re always throwing this shit around and the reality is that unless you have certain tools, you can’t implement shit.

I use the same fucking thing over and over and over again. If you have never hammered a nail and somebody gives you a hammer, just because they gave you a hammer doesn’t mean that you know how to hammer a fucking nail. But most of us don’t even have the hammer, to even learn how to fucking hammer a nail.

That’s most of our problems. We weren’t taught how to reconcile, how to make decisions, why we need to make decisions. So when making decisions based on falsehoods or lies or things that we’re talking ourselves into, it doesn’t make sense.

So the second part of this is I want the broken business model or the people that have the broken business model to really look and to see what has gone on. Look at the – look, literally look and survey and ask what is going on and then spend time. So here, you got to spend time.

I had a conversation. I had a chance bumping into one of the founders of Fit Body Boot Camp and he actually asked me in this bump – he asked me why – he specifically asked me why I called him a fucking idiot on a blog. And at that time, I really didn’t know. I sincerely didn’t know because I probably called a hundred thousand people fucking idiots in my lifetime.

So on one blog or another, I actually said it in person or whatever. So I really didn’t know why I called him a fucking idiot but then when I did the research, I looked on the blog, I saw the blog post and he was basically talking about magazine ads and I have done a shitload of research on any type of like media buys, media ads; and magazine ads, no matter what, do not give you a good ROI.

You’re spending a lot of money for nothing because – and the reason why is because you need to do print ads and it’s all part of a push cycle, it’s called. Push advertising, push. I’m not about push. I’m about pull. I’m about attracting people. I’m about bringing people into your fall, making that connection.

When you’re pushing, pushing, pushing, display ads only work when you combine them with other media, TV, newspapers, billboards, radio because it’s part of the brand awareness. It’s the exposure. It’s the law of 15 X. You need to be exposed to something 15 times or more to even get an idea in your head about it, something that they teach them in the fucking fantasy business school that somebody went to. So when you understand that – and so I did. I did call him a fucking idiot because he didn’t know or he wasn’t explaining all the different factors that were involved in what goes on in magazine ads and print ads.

I don’t write demands for any fitness person when they’re first starting out. You know what I mean? You built your fucking brand there. And you’re going to be transferring shit all over the fucking city? Don’t spend your money until you need to spend your money.

But getting back to this. Reality is when you find out, when you understand, when you list it, you got to spend time on it. You got to analyze it. You got to redo the surveys. You want to dig deeper. You want to understand why. Because you know what? Because somebody asked you a question, they have great fears. They just need paid you $10,000. They give you $400 a month. They’re scared to fucking death.

You have to – you don’t have to appease them. You don’t have to placate them. You don’t have to go, “Oh, don’t worry, you know, baby. It will be all right.” You know, I have to do that like on a regular basis. Everybody is fucking crying. But when people are scared, you don’t manipulate them. You understand their fear and figure out what to do to give them peace of mind because all people want is peace of mind.

They may not know it. Nobody taught them about peace of mind but this is the ultimate goal right here. So if you’re spending time with them, if you’re understanding them – when I’m coaching people, I understand that sometimes, to reconcile a problem, to resolve a problem, it may take three fucking hours. I have to reschedule some calls because that person’s success depends on me, me. Not them because they don’t have the tools. They don’t know. They’re coming to you. They’re coming to you for fucking answers. Spend the fucking time because this is what everyone wants. If you’re too busy, if you’re too busy doing all this shit, oh, I’m busy. I’m busy. I’m busy. Then you don’t have peace of mind because nobody is that busy. Nobody needs to make that much fucking money because when you die, guess what! The money doesn’t fucking matter.

Spend the time. Help people with their peace of mind. Go sit. If you got to fucking hug somebody, you fucking hug him. Be on the phone. Give him a little hug on the phone because see, every time that I have to coach somebody, I don’t coach everybody. I don’t care if you coach – because this is how I coach. If you don’t like it, go fuck yourself.

I don’t have to – you don’t have to ever listen to me. You don’t have to listen to me ever in your fucking life. You don’t have to and I’m happy if you don’t. I don’t need your money. I don’t care. I already have peace of mind. I’ve already spent time on myself and all my clients. I feel very confident that every single one of my clients will be successful because I spend the time. I made sure that they have peace of mind. That is the secret to number two, to basically taking, admitting the problem, understanding that problem, listening and then spending the time in order to fix that problem.

The same thing goes with anybody else out there. If you’re chasing money, if you’re if you’re consistently chasing money – oh my god. I can’t believe I said cunt in the middle of something but I didn’t mean to but I did. But if you’re consistently not taking phone calls, if you want to give that velvet rope exclusivity, I’m-the-coolest-motherfucker-in-the-world vibe, guess what. At some point in time, you’re not going to have the coolest vibe. You’re not going to be exclusive and you’re going to be a fucking asshole to every single person out there. I’ve been there. I’ve done that. Spend the time. Give peace of mind.

This is Rocco Castellano reminding you the least you can do is live up to your potential.[/spoiler]