The best ways to structure a transformation contest

If you are currently not running any sort of weight loss or transformation contests, you are not only leaving a bucket load of money on the table but you are also missing out adding even more value to your clients.

Contests are one of the best ways to keep your clients results on track and to make sure they are starting to talk about you nonstop again!!

Below is what I have learnt over the last 3 years of running these types of programs and the results of testing out different structures and seeing their outcomes.

First thing is to decide what you want out of your transformation contest.

Start with the end in mind!

How long do you want to run your contest for and are you going to set this up for your clients only or as an opportunity to get a massive amount of new leads.

Some tips on how to decide and what benefits there are for each structure are:

1. 28 days

  • Smaller upfront commitment so easier to get them to sign up
  • Make it an affordable price point so it is an easy up sell for your existing clients to get more focused.
  • Offer your clients the opportunity to do it for free if they get one of their friends to sign up.
  • Massive new lead generator!!!
  • Post on your clients Facebook pages offering the 28 days for free and for a special price of $?? To any of their friends they think will be a good fit.
  • Corporate and other larger companies love short term goal orientated programs so if you have clients that have access to large teams get them onto it and again let them do it for free and their team for special rate of $??.
  • Be prepared for a smaller conversion rate as the amount of people in the program will be larger and they have not paid even close to your normal monthly direct debit charges so is a bigger gap. Every person that signs up for the program offer it to them for free if they can refer a friend.
    Be prepared not to make all your money on the front end but put an awesome system in place to add as much value as you can in a short amount of time and to guarantee they want to stay on with you.

2. 8 week

  • This format is the best for bringing in a lot of money upfront or extra in DD for the duration of the contest, so if you want money upfront this would be my recommendation.
  • Put together some bigger packages with 1-3 PT session per week, access to your nutrition software and recipes.
  • Spend time in the beginning making sure they are set up with exactly what to do either on your software or with the program they are giving you.
  • Design how you are going to structure the tracking of their progress, will it be weekly weigh in, 4 weekly body comps??
  • Create a system to keep them on track throughout the entire 8 weeks, what value ads can you through in, seminars, shopping tours, a special boot camp session or social event?
  • Create or use and email series dealing with the mindset issues it takes to create change that lasts and to keep them accountable to finally taking responsibility for the shape they are in!!
  • Make sure the types of packages you have put together for them to do with you are very similar to your normal programs so that it is an easy transition for them to just keep going with you at the end of the 8 weeks.
  • Conversion rate should be good as they have been with you for longer, they have achieved great results and they are used to paying the same if not close to your normal package rates so you know they can afford what you offer.

3. 12 weeks

  • This is also a good upfront money generator but it takes a lot more to get people to commit to 12 weeks and to parting with more money upfront.
  • Again put together some great value added packages that include your boot camp session, 1-3 PT sessions per week, Nutrition, etc…..
  • Make sure you get everyone to do before and after photos as they will be a massive visual help for your contestants but your best source of before and after testimonials for the year!!
  • Decide how and when you are going to track their results and what feedback tools do you have in place for them to see?
  • What system have you got in place to keep them all motivated for 12 weeks?
  • How are you going to handle a break like school holidays or public holidays?
  • What type of lesson plans have you got to make sure your clients feel like they are getting something extra or different for the 12 weeks or that ne people can learn what benefits they are getting from each session and training in that particular fashion?
  • If you are a PT studio this is probably the best way to launch a boot camp session or small group sessions. Create and set up special session or groups designed for only the transformation contestants to take part in.
  • Start to put together what could become a permanent boot camp timetable to keep going after the 12 weeks.
  • Conversion % should be high but totally depends on how many of the 100% things you have done well throughout the 12 weeks and on how many people stayed with the program for the entire 12 weeks.

Take the time at the end of your contests to test and measure everything you can!!

In particular:

Your conversion rates and what packages they ended up taking on if any?

Results in terms of whatever you were tracking. (these make cool states for your next email series and comp, e.g last time we lost a total of 1000inches of our contestants butts!!!)

Feedback about your food plans or recipes that were available to them

How many people finished out of the ones that started?

Create some sort of a point system that you can track that keeps them accountable for things like training, food and water….

These contests are you very best opportunity to generate massive value for your clients and get a tone of new leads.

Use this time to show off why you are different to any other place that they have trained at and why they have to stay with you after the contest finishes.

It is also the best time to test out the systems you have in place within your businesses and programs to do everything he way you want to, to guarantee the best conversion rates possible.

If you got a lot out of my tips and would like a software and complete business system to run these types of contests for your business, hit me up for a free trial at . I designed this system based on everything I just shared with you.