Hey Super-trainers, this is 7figure Sam and I present you a new blog post by Brian Grasso…

How to create change in your clients (in the world at large) is something that every Fitness Professional considers at the core of their ambition.
And I remember my 16 years in the trenches well… Creating ‘change’ was at the forefront of my daily thoughts as it related to helping people understand the truth about healthy lifestyle, fad diets, long-term development and Kaizen-like progressions.

But for years, I sat in complete frustration; as if trying to navigate upstream through a raging river heading south.

Which is why I wrote this….


This past July 4th (Independence Day in the United States) I was blessed with the words that had been evading me for many years.

How to make a difference in the world wasn’t really about actions outward.

It was the essence of traveling inward to understand our truth.

For years, I had understood this reality, but never been able to articulate it to the degree that it made sense in my head.

But there I sat, 2:04pm (yes, I remember the exact time because the epiphany was so massive) and these words just flowed out of me:

To make a difference in the world, we must forgo the ostensible.

Let me put that in simpler terms…

The Founding Fathers of America saw to it that civil liberties and freedoms were awarded to every citizen as a natural recourse of being American.

Rightfully and necessarily so, those liberties and freedoms were expanded upon and made more equal over time so that all citizens enjoyed equal rights and protections (an issue that I’m sure you will agree, is still not nearly as ‘equal’ as it must become).

But the Declaration of Independence cited ‘right to pursue happiness’, in my view, is the one ignored above all others.

It is considered an inalienable right; a Natural Law, if you will. That we were all born with this capacity (to pursue happiness) and that no rule or regulation could ever be enacted that would strip us of this power.

But as you sit right now and finish reading my opening to a week’s worth of ideas that I believe will alter your perspective on living within the true state of happiness and fulfillment, I wonder how much of an understanding you sincerely have of this Natural ‘right’ with respect to your life.

How to make a difference in the world starts with you.

That fact, I’m positive, you’ve already read on the thousands upon thousands of posters, quotes and images that scroll down your Face Book newsfeed every day.

But what does it actually mean when someone says to make a difference in the world, you must start with yourself?

For now, just consider everything I’ve written today and maybe spend some time inside yourself…Oddly, it was about 5 years ago on a flight from Chicago to San Diego that the full force of this reality and my own truth hit me square between the eyes; more on that later this week.

Do you live in ‘the pursuit of happiness’?



Brian Grasso