Christian “Hurricane” Aguirre is loving loving life and building a killer business. He’s here today to share exactly what’s working for his business.

Actually, things are going so well that his work day is over by around 8 am.

And in this interview Christian breaks down these details for you so you can be done with your day by 8 am too.

Interview Highlights

  • How Christian got started
  • How many clients he has.
  • What his business was like when he first started.
  • What it was like to have a new business and have no income coming in.
  • How he increases his business by at least $2,000 each month.
  • What he is doing to grow his list.
  • How he gets his clients to post up landing/squeeze pages for him.
  • How and why he segments his list.
  • How many trainers Christian has.
  • What he is using that is really working in his business.
  • How Christian re-activates past clients.
  • What referral incentives he uses.
  • What length his contracts are.
  • How he gets people to pay their packages in full.
  • What trainers should not be doing.
  • How he keeps his trainers for the long term.
  • What A typical day is like.
  • What his best business purchase is.
  • What is Christian’s biggest piece of advice.


Erik “The Interview Guy” Rokeach is a fitness entrepreneur and owner of His goal is to help the fitness industry grow by sharing top quality information from other fit pros about how they build their fitness business.