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Today I want to teach you how I automate my emails to get more clients. The first thing you want to do is get your prospects to give you their primary email address. The way you do this is by getting traffic to your squeeze page. If you don’t know what a squeeze page is, let me explain.
A squeeze page is a mini site that offers a free video or free ebook in exchange for someone’s email address. The purpose of a squeeze page is to capture these leads so that you can market to them over and over again.
Currently the best way to get leads is to use pay per click ads to drive traffic to your mini site. The  technique that I’m going to show you today is a technique that works very well and I’m confident it will work in your business.

First you want to create a free offer in exchange for someone’s email address. Once someone opts in for your free offer, it is now time to develop a relationship with that prospect. The best way to develop trust and authority with that prospect is to email them very good content.

Every other day I email my brand new opt ins my best content on my blog. I get my prospect to go check out my best video blog posts where I have the most comments so that I can demonstrate social proof that I have a following and that I‘m the authority in our market.

After I deliver them 3 content rich blog posts, I then offer my 21 Day Metabolic Fat Burner Program for $97 dollars. (Name your programs so that it sounds cool)

You will have a higher response with these prospects if your auto responders start as soon as they opt in so that they don’t forget that they signed up for your blog or newsletter.

Because you have developed trust with this prospect you are now able to make them an offer. If they don’t take you up on your first offer, that’s ok, keep delivering them good quality content and make another offer later down the road.

This is what I do: If someone doesn’t join my 21 Day Metabolic Fat Burner Program, in 3 weeks I offer them a 14 Day Belly Blaster Program for $67 dollars.

If these prospects are still on my list and haven’t unsubscribed yet, I offer them the 14 Day Belly Blaster for $1 with a money back guarantee. I try to make the offer so irresistible that they would be stupid not to take my offer.

To be perfectly honest with you, this technique works so well that most of my opt ins will take me up on my first offer and the rest will eventually jump on board my 2nd offer.

The cool thing about automating these emails is that every single month you will have brand new paying prospects trying out your program.

The whole point of this strategy is create desire, interest, and to bond with your prospect in a short amount of time so that they will buy your services.

Create desire and interest in your program by delivering value and bond with that prospect through your blog.
By making the prospect bond with you, it is now time to offer low barrier programs for them to try out your services.

These prospects that pay for these low end programs are more likely to stay on board your regular paying programs because they are already investing in your services. Your job is just to show them how bad ass of a trainer you are. If they see a ton of results in a short period of time, you should be able to keep them on as regular paying clients.

So here’s my formula in a nut shell:

Give away free report–> Deliver 3 high quality blog posts every other day—> Pitch one of your programs over the next 3 days—> Deliver high quality content blog posts for 3 weeks–> Offer another low end program—> A week later offer that program for a $1 with a money back guarantee

I hope you found this strategy helpful and that you will use it today in your business. If you have any questions for me please leave your comments and questions at the bottom.


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