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So let me go on a little tangent here….

One of my Pet Peeves is seeing people going through life like a robot.

They just go through motions not paying attention to the “PROCESS”.

Process is EVERYTHING in life.

It’s like they are “checked out or dead already”.

No emotions, no enthusiasm, NO LIFE.

Let me give you an example first.

I have been going to this local tanning salon in the area for the past 2 months.

(Don’t judge, got to get my dark on before I go to Vegas ;)

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Every time the business owner is there, she greets me by my first name and checks me in the computer. PERFECT.

However, the other 2 girls that work there have not remembered my name once. (even though they have asked me multiple, multiple times)

They see me, don’t make eye contact and ask me “what’s your last name”

What I really want to say is “The same as it was yesterday and the day before and the day before that.”

Why this bothers me….

Because I am a business owner.

As a business owner I know that there are no sweeter words to customers ears than their names. (well maybe one and that’s their kids names but let’s not get carried away yet)

As a customer, I would feel better if they just scanned a card, rather than I have to tell them everyday. They don’t seem care to remember my name anyway.

Remember in your business AND life make a genuine effort to know everyone’s name and something about them.

Don’t make them feel like they are just a transaction.

The best book I can recommend on this subject is “How To Win Friends and Influence People”

With near 600 members, I can’t honestly say that I know everyone’s name.

I do make a genuine effort.

But, it won’t take two dozen introductions for me to get it either. I am genuinely interested to know them and to serve them.

They are more than just a number to me.

Something to think about….

Your boy Sam,