Hi, Jaime Plunkett here, owner of Jaime Plunkett Fitness and Boot Camp 360 KC. I have been coaching with Sam Bakhtiar for the last year. My numbers have more than doubled every single month, doubled for the year. Sam keeps you accountable for all of your financial numbers, your client numbers, your leads, all your assessments, and then helps you with all your systems also.

So, he helps you build your assessment system, your training system, all your systems for your facility, and all those stuff. When I started with Sam, I had no facility. I was running – I had two different places with my two businesses and I had one employee. Now, I have four employees and I have my own facility.

Sam makes you a lot more aware of where you’re spending your money, what return you’re getting on it, and then he holds you accountable to it. So every single week, you have to answer to him. You have to tell him what’s going where, why it’s going there, and you have to answer the question of whether that’s a good decision or not.

Sam also works with you on your schedule which I think is kind of something that is under appreciated with a lot of you [Phonetic] [0:01:24] and don’t realize how important your time is. Sam will actually have me pull up my Google calendar and I send to him and he actually looked at my calendar and then he told me how I should be spending my time. He just made me accountable to how I was doing things and we adjusted my schedule and I waste a lot less time now throughout the day which is one of the biggest things as business owners that you do is you don’t realize the time is wasted on meaningless things.

So, the biggest thing is Sam sets you up for success. He gives you all the systems you need and kind of like a trainer with his clients. He gives you every tool you need to succeed and you just have to put them into play. So, if you’re looking to grow your business, if you’re looking for a coach that is going to keep you accountable and motivated and who’s there at all times, Sam Bakhtiar is my number one recommendation.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve contacted the guy and I’ll get a text from him at three in the morning if that’s when I sent him a text. I’m not up that late. I get up that early. So Sam does also. Saturdays, Sundays, he calls you right away. He’s a – I had coaches in the past where you send him a message, an email and you don’t get a response for three days. If you send Sam a message, it doesn’t matter whether it’s text, email, or if you call him, he’ll probably answer the phone when you call him but if you send him a message, he gets right back to you. And that’s one of the most beneficial things about having him as a coach.

And Sam is an honest and sincere guy. He tells you he’s going to do something and he does it, something I hugely appreciate. And that’s – I can’t say enough positive things about the guy. Like I said if you’re looking to grow your business, if you’re looking to become more accountable and know what’s going on with your business, my number one recommendation, Sam Bakhtiar.

Anyway, signing off, Jaime Plunkett. Have a great day. Thank you.