Hey Dudes and Dudettes,

It’s your boy Steve Krebs here with another post to help you pull your heads from your asses when it comes to the almighty dollar dollar bill y’all

The main theme of this post is, “how much money are you wasting?”

It’s a question a lot of us don’t want to ask. When you start out as a trainer working 60-70 hour weeks, and scraping to get by you look forward to that day when you have some extra cash. The problem is we start acting like P.Diddy throwing cash around like a bunch of douchers. When I say we, I mean me hahaaa, thats what I did anyway. See I write from experience, and I want you to learn from my mistakes. Lucky for me, I surrounded myself with people who push me to be better and made me face some tough questions like…… How much M F’in money are you wasting?

I’m 33 years old, I’m not married and have no kids. So it was easy not to worry too much about where my money was going because I always had enough for #1. The problem is I wasn’t planning ahead, and that is some scary shit. Turns out 30 pairs of sneakers aren’t worth much after the fact….. shit!

To figure out how much you are wasting, obviously first you have to figure out how much you bring home (net profits). Once you know your numbers, everything else will become crystal F’ing clear trust me. It will scare the shit out of you. It will make you realize that you thought you were doing much better than you are. Nobody wants to be a 65 year old personal trainer, but the truth is if you aren’t saving and investing your money then thats what you are going to be. period!

We as an industry have to get better at running our BUSINESSES.

It’s time to start keeping it REAL!


Real Businesses know their numbers:




Sign ups

Members Lost




Real Businesses have monthly budgets for:








Real Businesses keep track of Key Performance Indicators

Leads this week

Sign ups this week

Members Lost

Why did you lose those members?

Total # of EFT

Total # of Members


Real Businesses have:

Book Keepers


Financial Advisors


I want to improve my EFT by at least $1 dollar a day, if not I’m failing.

My boy Paul Reddick said that if your business doesn’t bring in at least 50k a month then you don’t have a business. This dude is a stud, he is an amazing coach. I trust his opinion, and I won’t stop working until I achieve all of my goals.

My Boy Seven Figure Sam is the reason I’m writing these posts, He has coached me to be a better business man by getting my shit together and tracking everything.

Both of these guys have helped me become a better MAN as well. These guys are successful because they are REAL. They give a shit. They take care of their families. They don’t fuck around, and they definitely don’t WASTE MONEY!

If you are reading this do yourself a favor and get everything set up from the list above. Your business will EXPLODE. You won’t have to worry anymore about MONEY. You will have a REAL Business and you will stop wasting your hard earned MONEY!



Steve Krebs