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In my opinion too many fitness pros out there losing their souls to money and marketing gimmicks.

I see many jump on different band wagens like Zumba, Pilates, Yoga, Etc…..

I am not talking S*** about any of the above programs if that’s really your passion.

I am talking S*** about people who jump on a band wagen for the sole reason of making more money.

F*** money.

People can feel if you’re genuinely passionate about something or it’s just a “business” for you.

Last thing you want is for your customers to feel like they are a transactions and that you will offer anything to “extract” more money from them.

Think of it for a second….

What if you caught your trusted spouse in a lie.

Would you trust him/her again?


I don’t care what anyone says but you will never look at him/her the same way.

The sad part is that he/she could have been truthful all along in everything else.

All it took was one lie and BOOM, it’s not the same anymore.

It’s the same with your customers and clients.

Never sacrifice your title as “The Trusted Advisor” for immediate profit.

It will KILL your business long term.

You can’t say “only 12 spots left” when you will take 50.

You can’t say opening up new “boot camp franchise” territories if they been open all along.

People are not stupid.

Stand for something. Be truthful and over deliver on your promises.

That’s what I am doing with my business and with my kids.

Never promise my kid anything I can’t deliver on.

I hope you don’t either. Not for your kids and not for your customers and clients.

Your boy Sam,
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