Most independent personal trainers get their start working for larger gyms. As they build their practices, they begin to get inflated egos and think like Charlie Sheen. “Hey, I’m the big star of this show. Why shouldn’t I be making and keeping ALL the money from my clients?” That’s a reasonable question… and why shouldn’t you take your practice to the next level? What stops many personal trainers from venturing out on their own is not even finances, but fear of the competition. “How can I possibly compete against my old gym?” they ask. “Gyms have far more resources than me.”

Don’t Lose Sight of the Big Picture.

As an independent trainer starting your own practice, it’s important to remember you ARE everything that a big chain gym is not.

  • Lack of Time – They schedule with you to make time.
  • Lack of Motivation – You become their motivation!
  • Laziness – It’s your job to help them overcome this.
  • Expense – You can offer better deals that undercut gym memberships.
  • Embarrassment – 1-on-1 work is far less exposed than a gym full of meatheads.
  • Customer Service – Treat your people like VIP rock stars to keep them for good.
  • Cleanliness – The smaller the space, the easier it is to clean. Remember that.
  • Overcrowding – Scheduling PT sessions helps you prevent overcrowding.
  • Outfit – You can run a promotion offering workout clothes to new signups.
  • Rationale – Your marketing efforts should tell people why they need a trainer.

Only about 15 percent of the people in this country like how Big Box Gyms are run. That leaves 85 percent of the population for you to work with. Awesome, right?!

Now you need to focus on how your personality makes you a desirable person to work alongside. What skills do you have to bring to the table? You’re creating experiences for your clients… but what type? For an eye-opening perspective, give your existent clients surveys to fill out to see what they have to say about your strengths. Take what you’ve got and amplify it ten-fold for independent success. When you branch out, your clients and subordinates become your family. You want your fitness center to be an intimate, comfortable and supportive atmosphere. Don’t obsess over what your old gym is doing in the weeks to come. Just focus on how you can differentiate yourself from everyone else.