[spoiler]Hey guys. How are you? It’s Armando Cruz coming to you live from my think tank here and I want to share something that has been happening and it has to do with striving for greatness and as a trainer, I hope you’re striving for greatness. As a business owner, I hope you’re striving for greatness. As a trainer, I hope you insist your clients on striving for greatness but let me share this story as to why I’m talking about this.

So the other day, I sent out an email to the people on my list, friends, family, as well as clients that are on my list and I’m looking for a salesperson for my business. And I had very strict guidelines of what I’m looking for and lo and behold after I sent that, I started getting emails primarily from friends and family, which tend to be the worst [0:00:01] [Phonetic] saying, wow, this person that you’re looking for is – you’re asking for somebody that’s perfect. You’re asking for somebody that’s probably not even out there. And if they do, why would they want to come work for you? Why don’t they go and work for somebody else that’s going to offer more money? And I started thinking. I was like, is that person really – you start kind of doubting yourself for a second and then you got to say no.

So a lot of people – the problem that they have is not that it’s perfect. It’s just that they stop striving for perfection. Those people are out there and now what we’ve got to look for is those people with that mentality that says, “You know what? I got to push on. I’ve got to be that great.” And it’s not a memory. It’s not like, “Oh, this is the max that I’ll ever achieve.” This is the minimum requirement where greatness is a standard. It’s not a bonus and the reason I’m talking about this is oftentimes, we are surrounded by these people that try to bring us down. When we’re trying to propel ourselves out and be more successful, when you’re trying to take that next step above to grow your business, to grow your clients, everything, you’re going to always have that resistance from the people in the bottom just wanting to pull down like weeds just pulling you down, pulling you down.

And I think it’s very, very important for you to understand that this is something that’s normal because not everybody is like that. People – I don’t think they do it maliciously. Some will but I think especially friends and family, it’s just a mindset that they’re in. So here’s my challenge for you. I want you to make a list of at least five people that enhance your creativity, make you feel that you can reach for the stars, make you feel like you can walk through a wall, like those people that really enhance your life and push you to your limit and beyond. Make a list of at least five. Ten and twenty would be even better.

And I also want you to make a list of 5, and again 10 and 20 and more would be even better, of environments that you could put yourself in that make you feel like that. If you do that and you say to yourself, “Every single day I have to find one of these environments and one of these people to be around,” you’re going to see that you’re going to be so much more productive and your success levels are going to start skyrocketing because you’re not going to be surrounded by these people, these weeds that are pulling you down. And by no means am I saying your family is weed but sometimes they kind of are. There’s a great saying that says you can’t choose your family but you can choose your friends and you choose them wisely.

Again, there have been studies that you make the average of your five closest people that you hang around with and it’s so true. If all you hang around with is people that are down here, don’t think that you’re going to be making money up here. Don’t think that your success level is going to be up here. A lot of times people hang down here just so that they can be just a little bit better and feel better about themselves. But why settle for scraps? Settle that your standard is greatness. It starts with greatness and it goes beyond.

So again, take my challenge. Write down 5 to 10 to 20 of these – let’s call these enhancers in your life, these people that enhance your life, your creativity and so forth and these environments that are enhancers. And I want you to write them down and I want you to say to yourself or put yourself in a position where every single day, you’re in one of these environments with one of these people and I can guarantee your business is going to skyrocket. This is Armando coming to you live from in the trenches in my think tank. I will see you later.[/spoiler]



Armando Cruz MSPT, CSCS, ATC