I think you ‘Goal Set’ incorrectly.

I think the process of goal setting is taught incorrectly.

I think you make mistakes about what your primary versus secondary goals truly are.

I don’t say any of that to sound superior or in any way authoritative; just something I’ve noticed as a powerful change in my life and my success.

Almost every Fitness Professional I have ever known has entered this industry either out of sheer passion for exercise or due to an overwhelming desire to help people.

And yet, almost entirely across the board, we become obsessively interested in making as much money as we possibly can.

There is absolutely no shame in that whatsoever; money is not a bad thing.  Wanting money is not a bad thing.

But many Fit Pros I know are also terribly broke and desperate to become wealthy (or at least financially self-sustaining).

So this video tutorial is a lesson that has made all the difference in my life; and my ability to become profitable.

I believe your goals are valid… I just think you may be pursuing them in the wrong way:

OK, guys. So we’re going to talk about money as a – I’m going to call it a primary goal. Here’s what I found in my life and this is such an important aspect of goal setting at large. I’m using money today as the kind of critical catalyst to explain this point because I think cash, financial freedom and luxury items, that’s just such a standard in what we want to have in our lives, right? So I’ve decided to use money as a central thing but don’t feel contained to use this as a goal setting measure just from the standpoint of money. This could be anything with respect to your goal setting practice.

But I’m calling it a primary goal, right? Here’s what I realized. OK? Goals really cannot be about what we want when we want it and how we’re going to achieve it because this really cuts off the flow of energy in the world because we start to fix it on the finite stuff that doesn’t matter because – and I’ve said this before. Live in mystery. Live in the uncertainty of the world. You don’t know the end point. You don’t know the final chapter of everything or of anything for that matter but when we focus on what we want, when we want it by and how we’re going to do it, we completely cut off this mysterious flow of the universal way of energy because we’re fixating on the wrong things – the questions we can’t answer.

So for me, goal setting is – money doesn’t matter. We’re talking about money is the great backdrop for this but we’re talking about goal setting. The really important thing is why. Why do you want this? OK? And that in it of itself can’t be self-serving.

So here’s where I always take this. Goal setting needs to be considered the think versus feel exercise. OK? Here’s my primary goal – money. “What do I want? When do I want it by? How am I going to achieve it?” is a thinking exercise. “Why do I want it?” is the emotion. That ties the feeling in the primary goal and let me give you my personal secret to making this whole thing enlivened. It really adds an element that you can’t even begin to experience now until you try it for yourself.

When you know that what you’re offering is being received, how will that make you feel? Because inevitably if money is the primary goal, the why behind why you want it or the why of why you want it needs to be based on what you’re going to give. Lots of emphasis there. This comes from this. Put value and worth into the world. Money comes back to you. So if you think about that just from a prefixed self [0:03:25] [Phonetic] standpoint, it’s why this stuff is rendered useless in the goal-setting process because if you think about it, based on what we said, money is not your goal. Money is the result of giving.

So in that, you’re kind of missing the primary of your primary goal. Money is secondary. Money comes from this. So what do you intend to give? How do you intend to serve? That’s your why and that takes the whole goal orientation out of thinking and brings it into an emotional feeling sense. What will you feel when you know what you’re giving is being received? How will that make you feel? The emotional part of all that is what brings the money to you and you have no idea how much I hope this made sense because the degree to which I think goal setting is being taught wrong, being used wrong as an instrument completely negating the true power of uncertainty and the feeling universe we live in, the way I think that’s wrong is just uncanny and I hope this meant something to you and you can learn from it.

Start with the true primary which is, “What will you give and how will you serve?” Breathe life into that by feeling what it’s going to be like to have your gift, your service perceived by people, what they’re going to experience. That brings emotion to it and know odd claim [0:05:08] [Phonetic]. Just know. Have faith. Money will come from that in good faith to you for the good faith you’re given. That’s the way it works.

Reassess what your true primary goal is and add elements of emotion, not thought. Stay away from what, when and how. Know why. Stay away from money is the goal. Connect with what will you give or serve in order to get the cash. That’s emotion. That’s real. That’s authentic. That’s emotion feeling.

So yeah, I hope any part of that meant something to you because this has made every ounce of difference in my life both on a fulfillment and a profit standpoint. Thank you. Thank you so much for watching.