At least once a week someone inquires about how I juggle the various projects that I have going on. I get this question a lot and it usually makes me laugh. I know a lot of people more organized than myself. I look at them and think how cool it would be to have all the neat, color-coded tabs for everything and for the desktop of my computer not to look like a disaster area.

But what I’m figuring out is that there are a lot of people just like me that want to get things done but may not have the perfect filing system.

So I’ll share what has worked for me, but I’m guessing you’ll have to modify things a bit to fit you.

Here goes:

  • I map out all my days the night before.  The days I don’t do this – my productivity drops by more than half.
  • I carve out plenty of time to work on ‘high return’ tasks and projects.  If something gets missed, lost, or pushed back – it’s almost always because it wasn’t a priority.
  • I put together action plans and detail out projects. This allows me to break big projects down into manageable tasks. Otherwise they seem ‘too big’ and never get done.
  • I put in a lot of time.  I don’t know any successful people that don’t.
  • I block time for projects.  Google Calendar has been incredibly powerful for me. I may spend 50 mins on one thing and then move to something else.  Otherwise it seems like projects expand to fill all the time available.

Finally – the biggest one:

I do what I’m good at and work with people who do what they’re good at. We’re always more productive when we’re doing what we enjoy – and I’ve been fortunate enough to build my career so that almost all my time is spent that way.

That’s it really.  Nothing magic.  I’ve just figured out what works for me and keep looking for ways to improve.  Google docs, Gmail  and Google Calendar have all helped make me a little more productive.

Take these tips and tweak them to make them work for you…and strive to keep getting more done.


Pat “Good Ole’ Boy” Rigsby
Top Fitness Business Coach, CEO,
Athletic Revolution Franchises