Hey everyone. This is Erick Salgado, “The Ab Pro”. I’m actually here at the Camp Boot Camp in Riverside and right now, I want to talk to you about how you could get professional photo shoot done for your camp or fitness business that you could use for advertising, Facebook, whatever you want and get it for free.

What I did when I started the Camp Boot Camp over here in Riverside, I actually started networking with a lot of the local businesses. I ended up finding some photographers who were looking to promote their business. What I did is I told them that I wanted to get a photo shoot done and that I would be willing to help them promote their services if they helped me out with this project.

We ended up bartering and what I told them I would do is that whenever I decided to use their pictures for print ads and like social media, that I would make sure to give them credit so that they can get a phone call and that people would know that they were the photographers who took those pictures.

It worked out great. What I did is I went on ModelMayhem.com. I posted an event on there saying that we were looking for photographers – sorry not photographers. For models in the area who would like to be featured in a boot camp advertisement.

We got a lot of responses from locals around the area and I even opened it up to some members that were currently attending my boot camp. I set a date with the photographer. He came in. He set everything up and we ended up having about an hour, two-hour photo shoot. The photo shoot turned out great. We got a lot of great professional pictures and we’ve been able to network with people on Facebook. The models that came in from Model Mayhem were really excited that they had professional pictures that they could use for their portfolios and it all starts linking back to the Camp Boot Camp.

So it’s a great way, like I said, to have something that you could promote on social media but again, you want to make sure you have a professional presence. Everyone likes to see, you know, professional pictures. They just look a little bit better and even though you’re going to have your regular pictures that you’re going to be taking with your digital camera to kind of show people what’s going on in a daily basis, the fact that you have professional pictures done makes you look like you’re organized, like you take care of your business and that you’re a professional, which you are.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to email me. You could reach me at Erick@TheAbPro.com. Again, that’s Erick@TheAbPro.com but this has worked out well for me and hopefully it will work out for you. So thanks a lot. Thanks for watching.