Fun Fitness Boot Camp Ideas

Joining a fitness boot camp is something that people who want to lose weight would surely enjoy. Boot camps are often done outdoors so people will never get bored and will surely enjoy every activity that they will do at the boot camp. Another thing that makes a fitness boot camp enjoyable is the many fitness boot camp ideas that facilitators can try to make their clients see fast results from the exercises that they will do and have an enjoying time as well. Here are some of the fitness boot camp ideas that you can do if you are also planning to have a fun fitness boot camp.


Partner Exercises

This is considered as one of the best fitness boot camp ideas that personal trainers can do on their fitness boot camp. Pairing the campers will surely change the dynamic of a workout. You can make the partners complete the exercises together and have them take turns for exercises like partner sprints. It is also good to make them work as a team in accomplishing each exercise.


Tabata training is also one of the most effective types of fitness boot camp ideas that you can use for your fitness training. You can do this kind of exercise in the shortest time. This kind of exercise will make you use exercises that are really very challenging. This will help you in involving the larger muscle groups. You can involve exercises like sprints, mountain climbers, squats and many more. Your campers who really love doing tough exercises will surely love this.


Another great option for the best fitness boot camp ideas that you can try is to make the exercises in circuits. You can try using 3-10 different exercises and create “stations.” You can divide your group into equal numbers and make them rotate through each of the station for 30 up to 60 seconds. This is surely a great way to make your camper’s heart rates go up and it will also give them a great variety of exercises in just one workout. Circuits will also work great if you will use some equipment since everyone will also have the opportunity to work for each of the station.

Timed Workouts

If you want to make your campers enjoy the exercises more, then you have to consider this option as one of the best fitness boot camp ideas that you can try. Timed workouts are perfect in group settings because everybody will have the opportunity to work on their own pace. You can make your campers do 8 push-ups and 8 burpees and 8 squats as many times as they can in 10 minutes. Including timed workouts on your fitness boot camp will surely be awesome.

Numbered Sets

Adding numbered sets is also one of the best fitness boot camp ideas that you can do. This is another great way for you to motivate your campers to work harder. You can make them do few exercises like 10 squats, 10 mountain climbers, 10 pushups or 1 lap on a distance that you want. Make your campers do 5 rounds of these exercises as fast as they can. This will surely work well because the campers will surely try to beat their friends. You just have to make sure that you have a go-to exercise ready for those people who finish the sets early. There are just some of the best fitness boot camp ideas that you can try to have a fun boot camp.