Erick here, and I am currently launching my first bootcamp. I was a little nervous about opening up my own bootcamp but fortunately, Sam was able to guide me though the process. I thought this would be a good opportunity to review what I have learned thus far in my journey to Bootcamp Success.

Network with experts that can assist you throughout the process. If you have been in the industry long, I am sure you know a few people who can be of assistance. Some experts you will want to consult with are a Business Coach (Sam), and a Real Estate Broker. Sam has helped me tremendously in forecasting, negotiating and managing the business. Having expert advice will make your feel more at easy and allow you to focus on providing quality service. An experienced Real Estate Broker can help you locate facility opportunities that you would have over looked and help negotiate agreements to get you moved in. Even with expert advice I would still recommend reading agreements and asking questions. We are all human and we can over look details that can have serious conciseness in the future. Learn as much as you can from these experts.

If you want to gain weight you have to consume more calories than your body burns. Well we want our business to be fat, so we have to maximize our revenue while reducing expenses (including overhead). For a bootcamp operation you want to keep overhead low by keeping you lease down. Look for a light industrial building, such as a small warehouse. These buildings are perfect for bootcamps because they offer open space and low rent. Do not look for retail buildings with high rent. Most people don’t stumble into a bootcamp. They research weight loss solutions and call in so a retail location would be a huge waste of money. You also don’t have to worry about installing a bunch of equipment. Bootcamps can be run with minimal equipment and in reality the people are paying for fancy equipment. They want a fun workout they can do with friends. All you really need is a building, some lights, a few fans, some soft flooring and some light workout equipment. Save your money for your marketing campaigns.

Lets be honest. Times are rough and people are really cutting back on spending, but the people who are always looking to get in shape and have the ability to pay for expert advise are people living in High Income Neighborhoods. Many High Income Neighborhoods do not have large industrial parks, but you will be able to find some small industrial park in or around these neighborhoods. Those are the locations you want to set up your bootcamp. Many people in these neighborhoods are the people who would use your services. They do not want to drive into industrial or low income neighborhoods to get to you, so make it easy for them to say “Yes!” is a great resource for researching neighborhoods. Remember you want to keep your overhead low, but you also want your bootcamp to be easily accessible to your target market.

These are the 3 Tips for Ultimate Bootcamp Success! Follow them toughly and establish your business.



Erick “The Ab Pro” Salgado