Fiverr Videos on fitness marketing

Recently a lot of people have been talking about how great Fiverr is for cheap and cheerful graphic and video work so I wanted to continue the trend and show you a real quick example of how you can use these videos for SEO purposes.

So how and why try and get your Fiverr videos ranked on Google?


Google and youtube on fitness marketingGoogle owns YouTube as I’m sure you are all aware. This makes YouTube an excellent resource for SEO because popular videos on YouTube scream at Google to be ranked due to Google liking and trusting YouTube content. Therefore you need to upload your video to YouTube to receive this massive SEO helper.

Why should you use content from Fiverr? First of all it doesn’t have to include you. If you are shy in front of a camera, have a bad sales voice or have a face more suited for the radio than video, having a snazzy video with your logo and cool music makes the sale for you without the need for your presence.

I’m not sure which of the above categories of shy, boring or ugly I fall into but I personally have only  1 video of myself on YouTube so don’t worry if your not comfortable with putting yourself out there it will come in time. Until then use Fiverr’s awesome content to get your message out..

Oh and when naming the video in Youtube make sure it includes your keywords such as “personal trainer (your town)” or “bootcamp (your town)”.

Here is a few sample videos that I have uploaded and a screenshot from google to show them ranking 1st page for my keyword.

Fiverr Videos on fitness marketing

Notice the top two hits for videos are by me. No other local trainer’s are making videos or trying to use them for SEO. Notice how the videos below are all funny or interesting such as my logo exploding out of the street, quick colour sketch and star wars fitness text. This keeps the prospect entertained for the short video.

[youtube 7y8eIM8cUrY]

[youtube FxIl13b8uMQ]

[youtube r4tJRlHdYiY]

[youtube YOHSEfPjKQo]

Hope you enjoyed this real quick post for Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below, cos didn’t yo mama teach you manners?

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