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My name is Patrick Jones. I own Reshape 360. And I just want to say, Sam, it’s been an amazing experience. I was here at your event one year ago, Sam, and I was making $2,000 a week. It’s a year later. I’m back at the event for the second time at same kind of event. And now, I’m actually – I did my numbers last week, making $12,000 a month. So I have what? Whatever percent more that is, it is because of this event a year ago, Sam. Because of you and your coaching and your help, it ignited me from the event one year ago.

And now, I’m back here a year later because of this event. So, if you’re looking to make money and you’re serious and you’re committed to it and you’re ready to do whatever it takes, this event is where it’s at. And I’m telling you from my heart, from the truth that if you’re ready to take that next step, and I travel from California and there’s an investment involved for coming here in California – sorry, from Connecticut and if you’re ready to make the investment, just jump into his next event or his coaching. You’ve got to do it.

And it has been a blessing for my family. And now, I’m able to feed my kids, my two kids and I’m not – and be able to sleep at night because of that. And I took a couple of trips last year with my family all because of Sam and being ignited from this event a year ago and now, today’s event now.

So Sam, I’m very grateful for the opportunity and I really do appreciate it.