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How’s it going? This is Kyle Brown, Celebrity Personal Trainer and Nutritionist and CEO of Fit 365. Just had a phenomenal time at Weekend With Sam. And I actually think he should change his name from 7-figure Sam to Standup Sam. The guy is a class act. The event was nothing short of a game-changer. And for me, life-changing.

Just nothing you do for your business, spend time, surround yourself with class acts like the guys who were here. No pitching. All content, all education, stuff you can apply to your business immediately to change everything.

So if you’re struggling a little bit, you’re looking to be reinspired, you want to know why you should stay in the industry, if you want to find out why and get back to your passion, come to this event. Come and do these types of things with Sam. It’s a game-changer.