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Hey, what’s up guys? Kaiser here. I want to tell you a little bit about the Weekend With Sam and Sam in jungle. My opinion is there’s no else to follow in this game than Sam. His knowledge transcends the fitness business aspect and he really gives you the formula of how to make your fitness business part of your life.

And that’s where he differs, that’s why he’s different, that’s why he’s special and that’s why he’s the only guy who’s blog I read, who I speak to, who I get coaching from, and who’s events I’ll leave my own business anytime. So again, he over delivered here at the Weekend With Sam this year and he over delivers every time you talk to him. He’s just an amazing guy.

So I’m just going to keep it really simple and really short and really sweet. There’s really nothing much more I can say about Sam than the fact that you’re crazy not to use him as a resource to help your own career, to help your own life grow.

All right. So take that as my little testimonial and my word of warning if you pass up the chance to come over here next year and to get coaching from Sam.