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All right guys, Justin Devonshire here. I’ve come 7,000 miles, 30 hours trip to get here. And after the lineup this weekend, I would have done double that. It was still worth it. Not only the education that you got but just the inspiration from this event, mind-blowing.

What I will just say, if you’re a trainer and getting into business or you’re in it for a long time, if you’re serious about blowing up your business, getting loads of money and living the lifestyle and doing what you want to do to help people, this is for you. If you’re not serious about that, like just click off and walk away because it’s not for you. Serious guys only. This is what you need. The biggest thing in the industry is no one bigger than the lineups you’re going to get here with Sam.

So big thank to you, Sam. Totally life-changing weekend.