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Hi, my name is Irma Sandoval from Culver City. And I just want to say that Sam, you had an amazing lineup, every gentleman that went out there, every presenter was not only informative but has helped me understand how to be more efficient and to just really like get all my information right down.

And I just want to let you know that everything was outstanding, Dax Moy, the whole lineup was wonderful. So last year I came and I was blown away. I’m blown away again. Every time I come to these events, they’re very enlightening because it makes my life easier and it makes me spend more time with my husband and of course, I love my husband.

So thank you Sam for this event. I highly recommend it. Sam has transformed me. He’s an amazing mentor. So I highly recommend him always. So peace to you, Sam. I love you. And thanks for inviting me. It was a wonderful event.