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Hey, how are you doing? Damien from Dublin in Ireland. And this is my second year going to a Weekend With Sam event. Like last year, Sam always makes it a big effort to be able to give a great event. He brings in good speakers and that he get trainers that are making transitions in their business.

So I think like for a lot of trainers in different areas in the business like this year, a little bit funny that they have – a lot of trainers are actually getting back into their business to focus on the grassroots, building their culture, building their core values, and actually making sure that they were delivering the results that they promise with you.

For years, a lot of people were told to focus on fitness marketing and they stepped away from the grinds. But what we really got in the industry for, which is, your passion, to help change people’s lives.

So, I always like to meet with different trainers and trainers that want to make a big difference in other people’s lives. And the Weekend With Sam was a great opportunity for me to share and experience other people’s challenges and the changes that they’re making in their business. So I really like to recommend it to anyone and basically that’s Sam because he’s a great host and his team there, they make it like a great experience and I have no problem recommending it to anyone. OK. Enjoy yourself.