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Hey, what’s up? This is Coach Vic from Warhorse Strength Camp in Hawaii. I just came out to Sam’s event. And man I’d be honest with you, this event probably set me up for the future if anything because all the speakers were awesome. Sam was awesome. This was just info packed to the [indiscernible] [0:00:17].

I know for a fact when I get back home, I have a lot of things that I’m going to be able to implement to make our experience at the gym better for the people we commit to. And I now owe that all to Sam. He’s also my coach as well as I met a lot of other people who are actually were speakers that actually brought more clarity to either what I didn’t understand or they’ve been the reason why I have clarity at all.

This is an awesome event. I recommend it to anybody. I recommend Sam to anybody from a personal level, from a business level, from a training level. The guy is awesome and everybody that came out and attended and spoke as well as all the other trainers that were here too. It’s also being in an environment, when you’re in the top level of trainers getting more information by people that they respect in the industry and everybody really bonding together to help everyone get better. No sales. No pitching. No nothing.

So realistically from a trainer perspective, coming to something like this especially this being my very first one, this kind of put me in the mindset like this is how they all should be. So I mean Sam, thanks for setting the bar really high on anybody else, offering information on how to become better, how to become a better provider of information and provider of results to the members that they have and that they care about in their facilities. Thanks Sam. We appreciate you, brother. Thank you.