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Hey, everyone. AJ Roberts here, And I’m out at Sam Bakhtiar’s Weekend With Sam. I was actually invited out as a speaker but just like most of the things Sam done, I was completely blown away by the entire weekend and spent the entire time in the room taking notes. I don’t even own a fitness gym at this point in time. But I’m taking notes, writing things down, aha moments, big, big ideas.

And so, if you missed it, you missed out a great event. So much actionable items for people to go home, take action right away and make serious amounts of money over the next year adding new revenue streams or just improving on what they do. There’s no fluff here. All content are 100 percent content. No pitching. Nothing. It was incredible. I was blown away and I was so honored to be here as a speaker.

So if you’re thinking about doing anything with Sam, I highly suggest it. And definitely don’t miss this event next year. Thanks.