What’s up? Kaiser here and you’re watching me on Super-Trainer.com and as you can tell, I’m doing another one of my little video blog posts. I always love to do these to save me the trouble of writing an actual blog post and also I get to get across some info that really wouldn’t come across as well through writing. So that’s always why these video blogs are really good.

Now what I wanted to talk about today is something similar to what I was talking about last month when I was recommending some really good resources in the area of marketing. Well, I want to throw a few more of them at you. Even though as you probably know, the specialized info out there in the area of marketing and doing stuff online is really expensive, you can still get your hands on really, really high quality stuff though at your bookstores. So there’s really no excuse.

So the first thing I wanted to show you is this book I happen to have the CD – with everything I have. I have the CDs. I mean first off, if you’re a trainer right now and you’re driving around all over the place, you need to turn the radio off and listen to books when you’re moving around. I know when I was moving around all the time running my training business, I was listening to these books and now, I don’t have to run around doing that anymore. So there was definitely something to that.

All right. So the little preaching segment of the video blog is over. Now, let me talk about the book. It’s The Great Formula by Mark Joyner and what’s funny about this book is what Mark has done here is he has put together the stories of some of the top marketers out there outside of fitness. I mean in the areas of – in just a lot of different areas online and the reason you’re going to find this book really valuable is because it’s going to take you out of kind of the fitness mindset and show you really what’s possible, what some of the crazy stuff people are doing out there in the world and what they’re selling online and actually what people are buying and just really how that whole game works. If you apply that information to fitness, I mean it’s going to make whatever you’re trying to do seem really small in comparison so that’s the real value. It’s something like this.

Now the second book I have, again by a really powerful marketing expert is by Seth Godin. It’s the book Tribes and again, a really, really powerful book. I have to call Seth more of kind of a marketing philosopher. Not only does he get some really good ideas across but he kind of in his own way explains why they’re valid and I mean he just really – just get your hands on the book or some of his other famous books, books like Purple Cow and things like that. You will get Seth’s style and it’s really cool.

In this book, Seth talks about relationship marketing which on the web is really the only type of marketing you can do these days. I mean we’re outside of the age of web 1.0 and now we’re web 2.0 where really everything comes down to relationships. So that’s what Seth talks about. He talks about how out there in whatever area that – whatever niche that you may be focusing on. There are people – there is a tribe and everyone is really looking for a leader in that tribe and it’s your job to step up and fill that role and again, there’s a huge plus sign that can definitely – that’s definitely associated with that.

All right. So yeah. So those two are real cool, mostly talking about online stuff. I think Tribes can really apply to anywhere. Now a book that I want to show you right now that can apply both to online and offline to really anything you’re doing in the area of business, sales, marketing, from now until the end of your business career is The Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes.

Now this book, I give it my five-star rating. It’s a really, really powerful book. Chet is going to talk to you about a lot of strategies and really the aggressive mindset behind having a really effective sales force in your business or behind even your personal sales activities. I mean the first time I went through this book, I kind of dismissed it because I don’t know. Maybe it was too complicated or whatever. When I gave the book a chance, it really hit home and it changed the way I think about everything I do. So I think if you get your hands on it, it’s going to be real powerful for you too.

All right. So those are the three books I wanted to show you. I think if you just really dive into them [0:04:58] [Indiscernible] then you’re going to get just a lot of information and a lot of perspective and mindset on how to approach whatever you’re doing online so you can really take whatever personal training work that you happen to be doing already and get the most, the maximum leverage from it.

All right. So check those out and I hope you got a lot out of this video blog and as you know, you will definitely be hearing a lot from me soon. Bye.