Hey, everybody. What’s going on? It’s your main man Seven-Figure Sam and I want to talk to you today about my boy Steve and Luca from ThePackFitnessBusiness.com. Now what sets Steve and Luca apart from everybody else is their ability to really, really dial in their business and having a bunch of fun at the same time. I mean these guys travel the world. They’re out there going to different seminars all over the country and they’re bettering themselves all the way through and having a bunch of fun.

I have not met anybody that have as much fun as them and still have their business so dialed in while they’re always away and doing things and still making money. I have so much respect for them because they not only are somebody who are in the gym, doing the things, in the trenches everyday but they actually have the ability to let loose and have fun at the same time which is very, very rare in our industry.

You usually have a trainer who is just like trying to better themselves and just read and study, read and study and once again, in a social setting, they can’t even talk and then you have the people that go out there and just are on to social but they really don’t have anything as far as the business is concerned.

So these guys are the best mix of business and lifestyle that I have ever, ever seen in trainers. So I highly recommend you check out ThePackFitnessBusiness.com and my boys Steve and Luca. Take care.