Fitness Marketing – Sam At Mayweather Gym

Fitness Marketing – Sam At Mayweather Gym

Posted on 28. Jun, 2012 by in Marketing Fitness

Sam: What’s up Super-Trainers? It’s your boy Seven-Figure Sam here in front of Floyd Mayweather’s Boxing Club. My boy Kip. What’s up, man?

Kip: What’s happening? How are you doing, brother?

Sam: He is my brother from another mother. As you can see, we’re related. You know, so he’s the champ’s bodyguard, man. So I want to ask you, man. What’s it like to be the champ’s bodyguard man? I mean you got like all these people trying to get in here. I mean obviously your size speaks for itself. Like, how do you protect the champ?

Kip: You know what? That part is pretty easy. It’s just a blessing to work for him. He’s a great guy. He’s pretty easygoing. You know what I mean? A lot of stuff you see is for TV. You know what I mean?

Sam: Of course. You got to sell tickets, right?

Kip: Sell tickets, yeah, but he’s an easygoing guy. That’s my friend and not only my boss but my friend too. So it’s a blessing to work for him.

Sam: Now let me ask you something, man. He’s obviously undefeated. What makes him so great?

Kip: I think it’s his work ethic. He puts a lot of work into what he does. He has mastered the art of boxing and it really is a science to him. You know what I mean? It’s not just getting in there and beating someone over the head. He actually takes time to learn the sport.

Sam: All right. So what’s your prediction for the Cotto fight?

Kip: Well, I’m a betting man. You know, I live here in Vegas so I’m taking under 10 rounds. You heard it here first, under 10 rounds.

Sam: Kip, thanks a lot man. I know you got things to do. I appreciate it. Thanks a lot. Thank you. Bye-bye.

Kip: Take care, guys.

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30. Jun, 2012

short video but great content here Sam – the key word was WORK ETHIC. It’s so funny how the greatest athletes, those that have the most natural gifts and talents, ALSO, in EVERY case, are legendary for their work ethic as well. Mike Tyson in his heyday (and once his work ethic fell off, so did his career), Jordan, Kobe, Lebron, Flloyd – the list goes on. When it comes to greatness, you don’t see one without the other.


02. Jul, 2012

Agreed Kasier:

I remember you mentioned ithis same subject n your Studio Start Up program.

Good interview Sam, short but to the point


03. Jul, 2012

Hey James great to see you hear again buddy – hope things are good with you.

7Figure Sam

04. Jul, 2012

Yup it’s easy to let all the money and fame get in your head and have you think that you’re a “bad ass”. True champions know what made them bad ass and keep up with the work ethic to “keep the bad ass”. Always remember someone out there wants what you have and is willing to work harder than you to get it. The game is always yours to lose

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